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Hymn score of: A voice beloved thus spoke of late - To a Mourner (Charlotte Elliott/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

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A voice beloved thus spoke of late - To a Mourner (Charlotte Elliott/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

To a Mourner.

1. A voice beloved thus spoke of late
    in sad yet chastened tone –
"My heart at times is desolate.
    I feel alone." PDF - Midi

2. I looked upon that loved one's brow,
    and read the traces there
those who have suffered learn to know
    of grief and care.

3. Though now the storms have passed away,
    enough remains to mark
that life has been a wintry day,
    stormy and dark.

4. So stands some tempest-riven tree,
     its fairest branches gone;
it ne'er what once it was can be
    ere storms came down.

5. Yet, mourner, though tears filled my eye,
    and dimmed my thoughtful gaze,
I looked on thee rejoicingly,
    and gave God praise.

6. That though thine earthly hopes are crushed,
    thine earthly wishes crossed,
those voices sweet in silence hushed
    that cheered thee most:

7. Does not a voice more cheering still
    new hopes, new joys impart?
And thoughts of holiest power instil,
    to heal thy heart?

8. Hast thou not meekly learned to bow,
    with acquiescing love,
to him whose hand has brought thee low,
    his love to prove?

9. Does not thy faith strike deeper roots?
    Blessed who that faith possess!
Are there not formed the peaceful fruits
    of righteousness?

10. Oh, yes! the process I behold,
    and joyfully admire,
through which thou wilt come forth as gold
    tried in the fire.

11. Concealed from man the dross may lie,
    now with the metal mixed;
but on it the Refiner's eye
    is calmly fixed.

12. Nor will he leave (this thought is joy)
    the gold he thus refines,
till in it, pure from all alloy,
    his image shines.

Charlotte Elliott, Selections from the Poems of Charlotte Elliott, 128-130.

            PDF - Midi