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A clearer view of things unseen
A few more conflicts, toils, and tears
A few more years shall roll
A gentle angel wendeth
A great and mighty wonder
A homeless Stranger amongst us came
A land I know there is
A little flock! So calls he thee
"A little while!" so spake our gracious Lord
A pilgrim for his new abode
A pilgrim through this lonely world
A sinful man am I
A voice beloved thus spoke of late
"Abba, Father!" we approach thee
Abide with us, the shades of eve
Abide ye in my love!
Acquaint thyself with God!
Again the Lord of life and light
Against thee only have I sinned, I own it
Age of the ages
Ah! how empty is the heart
Ah, Jesus Lord, thou art near to me
Ah, Lord, the world is dark!
Ah, Lord! why am I thus?
Ah! when shall I be, from sinning
Alas for the city, deserted and lonely
All around the gracious seasons
All fair within those Children of the light
All gone, all gone! for this life gone
All hail! O glorious Son of God
All hail the power of Jesu's name!
All have their work to do
All my heart this night rejoices
All night upon the city wall
All that I was, my sin, my guilt
All the earth this day is crying
All things to mine eyes are bright
Allured into the desert, with God alone, apart
Almighty Comforter and friend
Almighty Father, just and good
Almighty King! whose wondrous hand
Alone! – a stranger here
Alone with thee! Alone with thee!
Always in the Lord rejoice
Am I not enough, mine own?
Amid the darkness, when the storm
Amid the shadows and the fears
Among the many, I am lost and weary
An absent Lord I serve and love
And art thou, gracious Master, gone
And art thou ready, Saviour dear!
And does my parting hour draw nigh
And is it so, I shall be like thy Son
And is there, Lord, a rest
And shall we see thy face
Angel-voices sweetly singing
Angels heard with admiration
Are there no wounds for me?
Arise! ye lingering saints, arise!
Arise, ye saints, arise
Around one name they gather
Art thou afflicted? O belovèd, pray!
Art thou weary, art thou languid
Art thou weary, sad, and lonely
As a lamb led forth to slaughter
As a traveller, returning
As God shall lead I'll take my way
As on a vast eternal shore
As one to self-indulgence prone
As the bridegroom to his chosen
As the lily of the valley
As with gladness men of old
Ascribe ye strength to God - The mighty God
Ask not, what it is that ails me
Ask not why my soul doth languish
Ask ye what great thing I know
At last!
At our Father's table meeting
At the Lord's right hand there are pleasures
Awake, awake, O arm of God!
Awake, glad soul! awake! awake!
Awake, my glory! harp and lute!
Awake, my heart; arise, my tongue
Awake, my heart, this day of rest
Awake, my soul, from sleep arise!
"Awake, O sword," awake and smite
Awake our souls! awake our tongues!
Awake, sweet harp of Judah, wake!
Awake, ye saints, awake and watch
Awaked by Sinai's awful sound
Away, away! thy work is done!
Away from earth my spirit turns
Away! he calls thee hence away
Away! thou dying saint, away!
Away with Egypt's burdens
Base among the base
Be not afraid / Fürchte dich nicht
Be still, my soul, be still
Be still, my soul; Jehovah loveth thee
Be still, my soul! – the Lord is on thy side
Be thou my Friend, and look upon my heart
Bear Jesus Christ the Lord in mind
Bear thou my burden
Bearer of sin, he came to earth
Before thy throne with tearful eyes
Begin the day with God!
Behind the hills of Naphtali
Behold! behold! what wonder's here!
Behold me here, in grief draw near
Behold the glories of the Lamb
Behold the Lamb, with glory crowned!
Behold the man! how glorious he!
Behold, the shade of night is now receding!
Beloved associates in the strife
Beloved one, thy place no more
Belovèd! still 'tis "Onward!" Faint not, the goal is nigh
Beneath Moriah's rocky side
Beside the dark grave standing
Better two than one
Beyond the hills where suns go down
Beyond the smiling and the weeping
Beyond the world a city stands
Bless, my soul, the name of Jesus
Blessed are ye, ye chosen bearers
Blessèd be God, my God! who, ever near
Blessed be the Lord for ever!
Blessed Father, infinite in grace
Blessed fountain, full of grace!
Blessed hope! that we the sinful
Blessed morning! all the year
Blessed morning, whose young dawning rays
Blessed, whom Jesus keeps
Born in a stable he
Born in sin, and doomed to die
Boundless glory, Lord, be thine!
Break not this heart, my children
Breathe from the gentle south, O Lord
Brethren, called by one vocation
Bride of the Lamb, awake! awake!
Bright, bright Home! Beyond the skies
Brightest and best of the sons of the morning!
Brightly hopeful for the future
Bring no money here, nor price
Bring the bright day to me
Broken was his body; broken
Burdened and plagued within
By sleep he consecrated sleep
By the cross of Jesus standing
By the holy hills surrounded
Calm me, my God, and keep me calm
Calm was the hallowed night!
Can then the world make no provision
Carol, brothers, carol
Cheer up, my soul, there is a mercy-seat
Cheerfully to work proceed
Chief of sinners, Lord, am I
Chief of sinners though I be
Child of the Eternal Father
Child of promise, looked for long!
Children of God and heirs of heaven
Children of light, arise and shine!
Christ has done the mighty work!
Christ is born, go tell the story
Christ is my hope, Christ is my life
Christ is risen! Alleluia!
Christ, of heaven the life and grace
Christ, whose first appearance lighted
Christian, wouldst thou fruitful be?
Christians an arduous fight maintain
City of celestial health
Cling to the Crucified!
Come, all ye nations, utter all your praises
Come and deck the grave with flowers
Come and let us praise our King!
Come, children, on and forward!
Come hither, ye faithful
Come, Holy Ghost, in love
"Come in, thou blessed of the Lord"
Come, Jesus, Redeemer, abide thou with me
Come, Jesus, with the coming night
Come, Lord, and tarry not
Come, mighty Spirit, penetrate
Come, O Lord, the heavens rending
Come praise the Lord, exalt his name
Come, saints, praise the Lamb, rejoice in his name!
Come to Calvary's holy mountain
Come to thy temple here on earth
Come, tune your heart, to bear its part
Come, weary souls, with sin distressed
Come, ye lofty! come, ye lowly!
Come, ye saints, look here and wonder
Commit whatever grieves thee
Conquering Prince and Lord of glory
Constrained by their Lord to embark
Could ye not watch?
Courage, ye who fighting are
Crowns of glory, ever bright
Dark was the night, the wind was high
Darkness reigns, – the hum of life's commotion
Day of judgment! day of wonders!
Days are dying; suns are setting
Dead unto sin through him who died
Deal gently with thy servant, Lord
Dear Lord! accept a sinful heart
Dear to thee, O Lord, and precious
Death, the Grave, and Resurrection
Does the way seem long and lonely?
Done is the work that saves
Doubt it not – thou too shalt come
Doubting soul! lay down thy fears
Draw, Holy Spirit, nearer - Whitsunday
Each pang I feel is known to thee
Embosomed in the fragrance sweet
Endless praises
Ere God had built the mountains
Eternal Father, gracious One - Laudate Deum
Eternal Father, mighty Lord
Eternal Father! Thou hast said
Eternal honour be to him
Eternity for glory
Ever as I onward go
Ever gladness, never sadness
Ever patient, gentle, meek
Ever would I fain be reading
Everlasting glory
Every good and perfect gift
Every good possessing
Every knee shall bow to Jesus
Exalt, exalt, the heavenly gates
Exalt the name of him who bore
Excite in me, O Lord, an ardent thirst
Fair world of earth, and air, and clouds, and sea
Far from the world, O Lord, I flee
Father, in thine eternal power
Father, thy name our souls would bless
Father, thy sovereign love has sought
Father, thou needest not our praise
Father! when thy child is dying
Father, while the shades of night
Father, whose hand hath led me so securely
Fear not, beloved, go calmly on
Feelest thou disquiet, care, unrest
Fetch me the lightning from yon frowning cloud
Fierce was the wild billow
Fierce passions discompose the mind
Fight the good fight
Fill thou my life, O Lord my God
Finish thy work, the time is short
Firm is my hope of future good
Fling out the Banner! let it float
Fly abroad, and tell the story
Fly, ye seasons, fly still faster
Food of the soul, eternal bread
For help, O whither shall I flee?
For him the wilderness did not sing
For the bread and for the wine
For the first time I see
For the hope we have of life
For the vision of the Bridegroom
For whom is yonder crown prepared
Forgotten! no; that cannot be
Forsake me not, my God, my heart is sinking
Forth from the dark and stormy sky
Fount of everlasting love
From Bethlehem to Calvary
From earth retiring
From every stormy wind that blows
From far I see the glorious day
From the brightness of the glory
From the cross the blood is falling
From the far East we come
From the glory and the gladness
From the palace of his glory
From the Rock that God has riven
From this green earth of ours
Fruit we have of God's election
Full many a bud and flow'ret fair
Gently think and gently speak
Gift of the Father's living love!
Give thanks for all things, children of our God!
Give thou thy youth to God
Giver of rest!
Glad I am to have thee
Glad I was today
Glad we keep the feast today
Glorious and solemn hour
Glorious River of God's pleasures
Glory be to God on high!
Glory be to him who saved us
Glory, glory everlasting
Glory, glory to our King!
Glory to God above
Glory to God on high!
Go and dig my grave today!
Go! and let my grave be made
Go forth to sow, O sowers
Go to Jesus when you're weary - Tell him all
Go up, go up, my heart
God comes; – and who shall stand before his fear?
God forbid that I should glory
God has turned my grief to gladness
God in heaven hath a treasure
God is for us
God is gone up with a merry noise
'God is love,' by him upholden
"God is love," his word has said it
God is my light! – Never, my soul, despair
God moves in a mysterious way
God must acquaint his comforters with grief
God of hope and consolation
God of my life! Thy boundless grace
God of my life, to thee I call
God of Truth, tho' thy hand
God, to my soul benighted
Going home, and going quickly
Good and faithful are thy words
"Good courage"! Good success!
Good is thy will, O Lord, and good thy way
Grace and peace and glory yonder
Grace is the sweetest sound
Grace, triumphant in the throne
Gracious Lord, my heart is fixèd
Gracious Lord, our children see
Great Captain of salvation
Great gain is thine, belovèd one, exchanging
Great King of kings, why dost thou stay?
Great Ruler of the land and sea
Ground of my hope, the Cross appears!
Had David done as Saul advised
Hail the day that sees him rise
Half a wreck, by tempests driven
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Hallelujah! I believe!
Happiness, thou lovely name
Hard to be won! No, no
Hark! a voice! it cries from heaven
Hark! hark! hark!
Hark, how all the welkin rings!
Hark, my soul! it is the Lord
Hark, ten thousand harps and voices
Hark! ten thousand voices cry
Hark! that shout of rapturous joy
Hark, the glad sound! the Saviour comes
Hark the notes of angels singing
Hark! the solemn trumpet sounding
Hark! the voice of love and mercy
Hark, 'tis a martial sound!
Hark! 'tis the trumpet's sound
Hark! what mean those holy voices
Hark! what sounds salute our ears
Hark! what voice of love is speaking
Hath not each heart a passion and a dream?
Have we known indeed, and tasted
Having nothing, yet possessing all things
He bore the sin!
He called them, and they left
He came a leper, all unclean and foul
He comes! Emmanuel comes!
He comes! the Saviour full of grace
He found me the lost and the wandering
He has come! the Christ of God
He looks on us, we look on him
He must grow greater
He must increase, and I decrease
He's gone! see where his body lay
He's gone – the Saviour's work on earth
He speaks! The gracious words I hear
He took our flesh!
He who on earth as man was known
He who saved us when assaulted
He whom all the prophets told of
Heal us, Emmanuel, here we are
Hear the glad words of grace
Hear what God the Lord hath spoken
Heavenward still our pathway tends
Help me, my God, be thou thyself my guide!
Help me, my God, to speak
Hem of the seamless robe
Here, O my Lord, I see thee face to face
High at God's right hand is seated
Higher! higher to aspire!
Him on yonder cross I love
Himself he cannot save
His master taken from his head
His name is Jesus! None beside
Ho, ye thirsty! here's a spring
Holy Comforter! my Guide!
Holy Comforter! who guidest
Holy Father, mighty God
Holy Ghost, that promised came
Holy, holy, holy Lord
Holy Slumberer, rest in peace!
Holy Spirit! long expected
Holy Spirit! mighty God!
Holy Spirit, spring of gladness
Home of holy light
Homeward bound, the way is dreary
Honour and happiness unite
Hope in Christ our Lord possessing
Hope is the anchor of the soul
Hope of our hearts, O Lord, appear!
Hosanna to the living Lord!
Hosanna to the Prince of light
Hours, and days, and months, and years
How blessed and how bright the day
How blessed are we, that God of us
How blessed is he, whom God forgives
How blessed thy creature is, O God
How goes the fight with thee
How good it is, Lord, to be here
How great Jehovah's love, how tender!
How long, O Lord, in weariness and sorrow
How mean ye thus by weeping
How patiently, O Lord, thy love endures!
How pleasant is the sound of praise!
How pleasant to me thy deep blue wave
How proud is the position
How smiling the day departed
How tedious and tasteless the hours
How the spirit oft is moved
How wondrous are the works of God
I am a passing stranger here
"I am not;" O words unwelcome
I and my house are ready, Lord
I ask a perfect creed!
I believe, and so have spoken
I came and saw, and hoped to conquer
I can gaze on that beautiful sky
I close my heavy eye
I come, I rest beneath
I come, my Lord, to offer up to thee
I come to thee once more, my God!
I follow thee, O gracious Son of God!
I give my heart to thee
I give thee back thine own again
I go from grief and sighing
I go on my way rejoicing
I go to life, and not to death
I have a mighty Friend
I have no comfort but thy love
I have sinned, but thou hast suffered
I hear my Shepherd calling
I hear the words of love
I heard the voice of Jesus say
I heard the voice of Love divine
I hinder not, nor would reprove thy tears
I hunger and I thirst
I journey forth rejoicing
I knew thee in the land of drought
I know I should be wholly his
I know in whom I put my trust
I know, Lord Jesus Christ, God's Son
I know, my God, that thou art near
I know not the song of thy praises
I know, O Lord, though all around is dark
I know thy poverty, but thou art rich
I lay my sins on Jesus
I lay up treasure in the heavens
I lean upon no broken reed
I LITTLE thought, when last we met
I look along the past, and gather themes
I look to thee! I hope in thee!
I love the sacred book of God
I'm but a weary pilgrim here
I'm waiting for the glory
I'm waiting for thee, Lord (Burlingham)
I'm waiting for thee, Lord (Darby)
I'm weary of myself
I must go hence, – here there is nought abiding
I need no priest save him who is above
I need not blush to own that he
I need not fear to die
I need thee, precious Jesus
I once was a stranger - Jehovah Tsidkenu
I place an offering at thy shrine
I place myself in Jesus' hands
I praise thee, blessed God
I praised the earth, in beauty seen
I say to all men, far and near
I see my Lord, the pure, the meek, the lowly
I sing of death and dying
I sit in my silent chamber
I sleep, my heart awaketh
I sought thee when my heart was low
I suffer, that I may behold
I take my pilgrim staff anew
I thank thee, Lord, for using me
I think of thee, my God, by night
I thought upon my sins, and I was sad
I trust the Lord
I've found a joy in sorrow
I've found the pearl of greatest price
I wake from sleep, and this new day
I want that adorning Divine
I was a wandering sheep
I was in love with hill and vale
I was journeying in the noontide
I weep, but do not yield
I will praise thee every day
I would bear in my body the dying
I would not live alway – live alway below!
I would see Jesus now, when life is bright
If belovèd, why belovèd?
If I had wings, then would I go
If I only have thee
If Jesus rose not from the grave
If thy Presence go not with me
If worldly thoughts so much employ
Immortal love, for ever full
In all my plans, thou Highest
In evil long I took delight
In faith we sing this song of thankfulness
In form I long had bowed the knee
In God my faithful God
In God, your God, be strong
In him we live, in him we move
In him, whose presence gladdens heaven
In our Lord we have redemption
In spirit, Lord, we dwell with thee above
In the Book of Life enrolled
In the bosom of the Father
In the dark days of grief
In the day when silent sorrow
In the death of Christ I die
In the depths of his bright glory
In the distant land of famine
In the great and terrible wilderness
In the hour when guilt assails me
In the Lord put I my trust
In the Paradise of glory
In the region of light and of glory
In the silent midnight watches
In the sun and moon and stars
In the world ye shall have tribulation
In thee, O God, I find my joy
In thee, O God, the hosts above
In thee our God will we rejoice
In this great world of ours
In this the wondrous love of God
In this world of sorrow
In thy service will I ever
In thy tabernacle, Lord, I offer
In trouble, Lord, I sought thy face
In vain, in vain with human love
In vain thou seekest in thyself to find
Into the heaven of the heavens hath he gone
Is God for me? I fear not
Is it not God appoints it so?
Is life's evening long and dreary?
Is not this a brand
Is the Lord among us?
Israel's Keeper, never sleeping
It ends – the vigil of high festival
It has not fully yet appeared
It is a practice greatly blessed
"It is finished!" sinners, hear it
It is not after all so hard
It is not death to die
It is not time that flies
It is not we who can direct
It is not with uncertain step
It is said that the exile who chances to hear
It is the Father's voice that cries
It is thy hand, my God!
It is winter: all seems dead or dying
It tarries long - Not in vain
It was as if upon his breast
Jacob's star is risen at last
Jerusalem celestial
Jerusalem, Jerusalem
Jerusalem the golden
Jerusalem, the holy!
Jerusalem! thou glorious City-height
Jesus, canst thou receive
Jesus Christ is risen today
Jesus Christ, the Shepherd True
Jesus Christ! thou Son of David!
Jesus comes, by crowds attended
Jesus comes, the Judge of all
Jesus drains the cup of sorrows
Jesus, Friend of sinners
Jesus gave his life, to save us
Jesus! gentle Sufferer, say
Jesus gives his people freedom
Jesus' holy Cross and dying
Jesus, how much thy name unfolds
Jesus, how sweet thy memory is!
Jesus, I come to thee
Jesus! I live to thee
Jesus, I love thee evermore
Jesus, I love thy charming name
Jesus, I rest in thee
Jesus is God! the solid earth
Jesus is the Lord my Shepherd
Jesus is the Lord's anointed
Jesus, Lamb of God, for me
Jesus leaves his throne of glory
Jesus – let him thy portion be
Jesus lives! no longer now
Jesus, Lord, in whom the Father
Jesus, Lord of life eternal
Jesus, my Lord! my life! my all!
Jesus, my Lord, 'tis sweet to rest
Jesus, my Lord, to thee
Jesus, my loving Lord! I know
Jesus! my Master! when I feel
Jesus, my Saviour! look on me
Jesus, my Saviour! Thou art mine
JESUS, our life, is risen
Jesus our Lord is King
Jesus soon will come to bless us
Jesus, spotless Lamb of God
Jesus, sun and shield art thou
Jesus, the Christ of God
Jesus, the One unchanging
Jesus, the Shepherd of the sheep
Jesus, these eyes have never seen
Jesus, this heart within me burns
Jesus, thy boundless love to me
Jesus, thy Church, with longing eyes
Jesus, thy love alone - Thee, Only Thee
Jesus! thou in heaven art pleading
Jesus, thou Joy of loving hearts!
Jesus, thou precious One, what depths of love
"Jesus" was written broadly on the cross
Jesus, we hail thee Israel's King
Jesus! where'er thy people meet
Jesus, whose blood so freely streamed
Joy and gladness! joy and gladness!
Joyful be the hours today
Joyful let us raise our voices
Just as thou art
Keep silence, God is speaking
Keep us, Lord, O keep us ever!
King of glory, sov'reign God
King of kings, and Lord of lords!
King of kings, and wilt thou deign
King of kings! ascend thy throne
Kneeling on the earth, he prays
Labouring and heavy-laden
Laid up for those who fear thee, Lord
Lamb of God! our souls adore thee
Lamb of God! thou now art seated
Lamb, the once crucified! Lion, by triumph surrounded!
Lamb, thy white-robed people feeding
Lead us, O Lord, to Bethlehem
Leaning on thee, my Guide, my Friend
Leave all to God
Led by a Father's gracious hand
Let all the creation
Let all who name his blessed name
Let crowns of glory wreathe the head
Let God arise
Let me build on this secure foundation
Let me but hear my Saviour say
Let me call nothing dark or ill
Let me suffer wrong without complaining
Let not terrors haunt thee
Let not your heart be faint
Let others in their wealth delight
Let others labour to possess
Let sinners saved give thanks, and sing
Let us low in rev'rence wait
Let us sing, for we have reason
Let Zion's sons and daughters say
Lie down in peace to take thy rest
Lie still, lie still
Life is coming, death is going
Life nor Death shall us dissever
Light beams upon my inward eye
Light hath arisen, we walk in its brightness
Light of life, so softly shining
Light of the cradle! shine
Light of the lonely pilgrim's heart
Light of the world, I come to thee!
Like mist on the mountain
Listen to the wondrous story
Lo! God to heaven ascendeth!
Lo, he comes! let all adore him!
Lo! he comes with clouds descending
Lo! my choice is now decided
Lo! the infant Saviour lies
Lo the lilies of the field
Lo! the storms of life are breaking
Lo! what a glorious sight appears
Lonely was the way and dreary
Long and earnestly she pleaded
Long and toilsome is the road
Long days and nights, upon this restless bed
Long did I toil, and knew no earthly rest
Long hast thou wept and sorrowed
Long hath he waited for you, long
Look, child of time, he comes ...
Look on the better sacrifice, O Lord
Lord, by thy hand withdrawn apart
Lord, dearest Lord! to thee I call
Lord, dissolve my frozen heart
Lord, exceeding sorrowful
Lord, give me light to do thy work
Lord! how oft shall I forgive?
Lord, I have trusted in thy name
Lord, I put my trust in thee
Lord! I thank thee thou dost listen
Lord, I trust in thee, O never
Lord, I would heavenward ever press
Lord, if he sleep he shall do well!
Lord, if thou wilt
Lord! in all I offer thee
Lord Jesus, all my sin and guilt
Lord Jesus, are we one with thee?
Lord Jesus Christ, in glorious worth made known
Lord Jesus Christ, my Life, my Light
Lord Jesus, source of every grace
Lord Jesus, when I think of thee
Lord Jesus, 'tis exceeding gain
Lord, let the people of thy love
Lord, let thy Spirit from above
Lord, my portion thou shalt be
Lord! much we need thy Shepherd-care
Lord, my soul with pleasure springs
Lord, my weak thought in vain would climb
Lord of all power and might!
Lord of Mercy and of might
Lord of the mountains, and the hills!
Lord, this is not Jerusalem
Lord, thou art mine
Lord, thou hast said it, thy Word standeth sure
Lord, thou knowest that I love thee!
Lord, thou on earth didst love thine own
Lord, thou wilt bring the joyful day!
Lord, 'tis good to know thy grace
Lord, to be with thee in thine own abode
Lord, to thy holy Temple
Lord, to thy will my anxious soul
Lord, to whom except to thee
Lord, we are thine: our God thou art
Lord, we plead thy promise given
Lord, what am I? I once for answer sought
Lord, when I see thee as thou art
Lord, when I wander from thy side
Lord! whose love, in power excelling
Loss is gain, and pain is pleasure
Love Divine, all loves excelling
Love, in all its depth and height
Love not the world!
Love of Christ which passeth knowledge
Love thou the truth
Love, who in the first beginning
Low at thy feet I lie
Low at thy feet my spirit lies
Make friends with Time: the years are flying
Make thy face to shine upon us
Make use of me, my God!
Man hath his anxious seasons
Many foes our march opposing
Many perils, many crosses
Many sorrows hard and bitter
May heavenly guides attend thee!
Meek and lowly let me be
Mercy, mercy, God the Father!
Messiah, at thy glad approach
Mid evening shadows let us all be watching
'Midst the darkness, storm and sorrow
Mighty Comforter, to thee
Mighty Father! Blessed Son!
Mighty is the arm that saves us
Mine own Belovèd's voice!
Mine was a hopeless case
Morning breaks upon the tomb
Mourner! is thy heart still grieving
Most at home among the angels
Much I love the honoured name
Much there is to harm us
Much there is to turn us
Much there is to try us here
My Beloved, from earth's many voices
My body is weary and weak
My faith looks up to thee
My Father God, lead on!
My Father knows my feeble frame
My former hopes are fled
My froward heart, my wayward will
My God and Father, while I stray
My God how great thy goodness
My God, how perfect are thy ways!
My God! how wonderful thou art
My God! is any hour so sweet
My God! the dreaded hour draws near
My God, though far above my thought
My God with me in every place!
My God, within thy secret place
My head is low, my heart is sad
"My home, my home, my happy home!"
My home! 't is not here in a region of death
My Jesus, as thou wilt!
My Jesus, if the seraphim
My Lord and God, whose gracious hand
My past, O Lord, with all its scenes
My path through the desert grows dreary
My Saviour! I am thine
My Saviour, I am weary
My Saviour! I can think of thee
My Saviour! when I come to die
My sins have taken such an hold on me
My sins, my sins, my Saviour!
My song shall bless the Lord of all
My soul in God abideth still
My soul is sad, and much dismayed
My soul, thou art weary within me and faint
My tempted soul, arise and fight!
Name of Jesus! highest Name!
Neither "voice" we have, nor "vision"
Never leave us nor forsake us
Night of wonder, night of glory
No distance now! the far-off and the near
No language can express, O Lord
No more veil! God bids me enter
No, not despairingly
No, not the love without the blood
No other voice than thine has ever spoken
No shadows yonder!
No strength at all belongs to us
No strength have I, no strength at all
No strength of nature can suffice
None to help us, no, not one
Not built with hands is that fair radiant chamber
Not far from any one of us
Not in the silence only - Ever with thee
Not in thine anger, Lord
Not long, not long! The spirit-wasting fever
Not the reproach of men
Not thine, not thine, but THEE
Not to ourselves again
Not what I am, O Lord, but what thou art!
Not what these hands have done
Not yet the dawn – the things around
Nothing but the purest grace
Nothing fair on earth I see
Now at the Father's side
Now – borne upon the still, the boundless deep
Now have I seen thee and found thee
Now I have found a friend
Now in thy presence I appear
Now let us all together sing
Now may the Spirit from above
Now may the Spirit, sent from heav'n
Now may the Spirit's power be felt
Now, pilgrim! of thy journey home
Now praise we, and bless we, the Lord
Now raise a solemn, cheerful strain
Now we sow in tears
O abide, abide in Jesus
O blessèd Lord! we own in all our sorrow
O blessed Sun, whose splendour
O blind, O blind in sin
O Bread to pilgrims given
O Captain of God's host
O Christ, I long to know thee
O Christ, my Life, my Saviour
O Christ, our hope, our heart's desire
O Christ, our King, Creator, Lord!
O Christ, our true and only Light
O Christ, the same through changing years
O Christ, thy precious blood was shed
O Christ, who hast prepared a place
O Christian, search the Scriptures!
O City, golden-bright!
O earth, rejoice! from Salem see
O ever sacred spot
O everlasting Light
O faint and feeble-hearted!
"O Father! not my will, but thine be done!"
O fear not, Christians, that rough path to tread
O for a deeper knowledge of thy ways!
O Friend of souls! how blessed the time
O glad the wilderness for me
O God, a world of empty show
O God, I long thy Light to see
O God! may I look up to thee?
O God, my God, an anguished heart
O God, my God, just as I thee
O God, my God, these aching thoughts control
O God! my sins are manifold, against my life they cry
O God of matchless grace
O God, through Christ the living way
O God, whose favourable eye
O had I the wings of a dove
O happy house, O home supremely blessed
O Heaven! Sweet Heaven! the home of the blessed
O Holy and mighty and marvellous Word
O Holy Comforter
O Holy Ghost! thy heavenly dew
O holy Saviour! Friend unseen!
O how blessed the hour, Lord Jesus
O how good and pleasant
O how I love thy holy word
O how many hours of gladness
O how shall I describe the pleasure
O how sweet the sadness
O Israel to thy tents repair
O Jesus Christ, our Saviour
O Jesus, Friend unfailing
O Jesus, gracious Saviour
O Jesus, Lord! 'tis joy to know
O Jesus, precious Saviour
O Jesus, who art gone before
O Lamb of God, still keep me
O Light of light, shine in!
O Lord, I have loved the fair beauty
O Lord, I would delight in thee
O Lord, in my songs I have praised thee
O Lord, in thee is all my trust
O Lord, my best desire fulfil
O Lord, my heart aspires
O Lord, the most fair, the most tender
O Lord, thy glory we behold
O Lord, thy love's unbounded
O Lord! 'tis but a little while
O Lord, 'tis joy to look above
O Lord, what sorrows past expression
O Lord, when we the path retrace
O Lord, who by thy presence hast made light
O Lord, who now art seated
O love invisible, yet infinite
O love of God, how strong and true
O love that casts out fear - The love of God
O Love, too boundless to be shown
O mighty Breath of God
O much beloved! fear not to die
O my soul, why dost thou grieve
O Name, the psalm and the music
O path which no eagle knoweth
O Rock of Ages, since on thee
O safe at home, where the dark tempter roams not
O Saviour! thou this day didst make
O Spirit of the living God
O strong to save and bless
O sweet home-echo on the pilgrim's way!
O tell me, Jesus, to my heart
O that my soul might never lack
O that my ways were made so strait
O that thy Name may be sounded
O this soul, how dark and blind!
O thou Father of all living
O thou beautiful Creation
O thou Redeemer of our race
O thou, the contrite sinner's Friend!
O thou, the hope, the strength of Israel
O thou! who by a star didst guide
O thou, who from Eternity
O thou, who holdest in my heart
O thou whose grace first found us
O weary soul with guilt oppressed
O, would that I were fairer, Lord!
O ye of little faith
O Zion, when I think on thee
O'er the distant mountains breaking
Of all the gifts thine hand bestows
Of God I sing
Of Jesus we'll sing
Of sinners the chief
Oft comes to me a blessed hour
Oh, blessed Lord, I fain would be resigned
Oh, bright and blessed hope!
Oh! bright and blessed scenes
Oh bright will be the waking
Oh, can we be forgetful, Lord
Oh! for a closer walk with God
Oh for a heart to praise my God!
Oh for the peace which floweth as a river
Oh hand of bounty, largely spread
Oh happy day! when first we felt
Oh help me o'er this river
Oh how could I forget him
Oh, how wondrous is the story!
Oh! if I walked by sight, not faith
Oh, Jesus Christ, grow thou in me
Oh, Jesus! ever present Friend
Oh King of earth and air and sea!
Oh! let him whose sorrow
Oh, make me, Jesus, Saviour
Oh more than merciful! whose bounty gave
Oh, never can I serve thee here
Oh, oneness beyond all that words can tell!
Oh, our God, how full of blessing
Oh Saviour, is thy promise fled?
Oh Saviour, whom this holy morn
Oh! the joy of the salvation
Oh, the love of Christ is boundless
Oh, there are many tears and sighs
Oh, thou glorious world unseen
Oh thou whom neither time nor space
Oh, what a tranquil, hallowed sleep
Oh, what is thy Beloved?
Oh what will be the day when won at last
Oh when shall the fair day break
Oh! when the exile views his home
Oh wondrous City: pure, translucent gold!
Oh yes! there is a land of light!
On both sides is my anchor firmly cast
On earth awhile, 'mid sufferings tried
On, O beloved children
On our way rejoicing
On that eternal love of thine
On the great love of God I lean
On the Lord depending
On thee, O Jesus, strongly leaning
Once to other lords we bowed
One Christ we feed upon, one living Christ
One place I have in heaven above
One there is, above all others
One with Christ – within the golden City
Only one cross!
Onward, and upward, and forward today!
Oppressed with noonday's scorching heat
Other Name than my dear Lord's
Our blessings come, O God
Our Father sits on yonder throne
Our life is often dark
Our lot is fall'n in pleasant places
Our rest be here, the Cross beneath
Our souls, they cleave unto the dust
Ours is a pardon bought with blood
Out in the dew and cold he stands
Out of darkness into light
Pass away, earthly joy
Peace, be still
Peace! earth's last battle has been won
Peace! O restless heart of mine
Peace upon peace, like wave on wave
Peaceful lay the doomèd city
Pity on us, Heavenly Father
Poor fainting spirit, still hold on thy way
Poor stranger, in the Master's name
Pour out all your heart in praises
Praise, all praise, to thee be given
Praise him! Praise the conquering King!
Praise, O Lord, we know becomes us
Praise the God of our salvation
Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord! rejoice, ye Gentiles
"Praise the Lord," 'tis meet we should
Praise the Lord, who died to save us
Praise the Lord, ye heavens above!
Praise the Saviour, ye who know him
Praise will I unto thee
Praise ye the Lord, all things that be!
Praises more than we can render
Praises to him who built the hills
Precious volume! what thou doest
Press up the hill!
Quick and powerful is the word
Quickly bright life withers
Ransomed spirit! heavenward hasten!
Refuse him not, O man!
Region of life and light!
Rejoice, all ye believers
Rejoice and be glad!
Rejoice, believer, in the Lord
Rejoice in the beautiful earth
Rejoice, my soul, the Christ has come!
Rejoice, the Lord is risen
Rejoice, ye saints! – your fears be gone!
Rejoice ye with Jerusalem!
Rescued from the lake infernal
Rest of all rests art thou
Rest of the saints above
Rest of the weary
Rest, weary Son of God, and I, with thee
Rest, weary soul!
Resting from his work today
Resting on thy footstool, Lord!
Rich and poor, and high and low
Rich in mercy, great in love
Rich, our God, art thou in mercy
Rise, daughter of Zion, thy mourning is o'er
Rise, my soul, thy God directs thee
Rise, my soul! to Heaven ascend
Risen Son of God, this day
Rock of the desert
Rule thou my portion, Lord; my skill
Salvation is of God alone
Saved by blood, I live to tell
Saviour, be thou with us, going
Saviour, I come for rest!
Saviour, I long to follow thee
Saviour, send a blessing to us
Saviour, send us help from heaven
Saviour, this is what I ask
Saviour! thou hast done much, but we want more
Saviour, through the desert lead us
Saviour, 'tis to thee
Saviour, we have seen thy goings
Saviour, work in us thy pleasure
Say where doth Wisdom dwell?
Say, who they are who have believed
Say, why art thou cast down, my soul?
See! he comes, his work is done
See, O see, what love the Father
See the holy victim smitten
See, the ransomed millions stand!
See the saints in heaven appearing
See, the spring begins to waken
See where the Lord his glory spreads
Seamless and fair
Searcher of the human heart
Seed of the woman, looked for long
Seeking thy lost ones here on earth
Seems it in my anguish lone
Send thy Spirit, Lord, from heaven
Shadow of a mighty Rock!
Shall I be ashamed of Jesus?
Shall I forsake the ways divine
Shall I never wash thy feet?
Shall this life of mine be wasted?
Shepherd of the chosen number
Shine on, sweet sun, and let my day
Shut in with God, as in his tent
Sin enslaved me many years
Since o'er thy footstool here below
Sinful, sighing to be blessed
Sing aloud to God, our strength
Sing, O Heavens! O Earth, rejoice!
Sing of grace, the grace of Jesus
Sing of him, the Lord, who
Sing of him who bore our guilt
Sing of him who came to save us
Sing of him who gives us
Sing of him, who left a throne
Sing of him who lives for ever
Sing of Jesus, sing for ever
Sing, sing his lofty praise
Sing the Saviour's praises
Sing to the Lord a joyful song
Sing we our choral strain
Sing we praise to God above
Sing without ceasing, sing
Sinks the swift sun
"Sinner, I am thy salvation"
Sinner, wilt thou still go on?
Sinners Jesus will receive
"Sit thou on my right hand, my Son!" saith the Lord
Smile, O my God, on me
So early in the morning
So they said, who saw the wonders
Sometimes a light surprises
Son of God, who 'midst the throne
Sons of men, behold from far!
Sons of Zion, raise your songs
Soon and for ever
Soon shall our Master come
Soon this corruptible
Soon we taste the endless sweetness
Sore sick of sin, and longing to be free
Soul, journeying through the desert wild
Souls of men! why will ye scatter
Speak, my Saviour, speak to me
Sounds the trumpet from afar!
Spared a little longer
Speak, lips of mine!
Speak thou to me, O Son of God
Spirit, by whose operation
Spirit of truth, of power, of love
Spirit of Truth! on this thy day
Stand for Christ
Stars of the silent night
Stealing from the world away
Still, O soul! the sign and wonder
Still on thy loving heart let me repose
Still, still with thee, when purple morning breaketh
Stillness midst the ever-changing
Strange and mysterious is my life
Stricken, smitten, and afflicted
Suffer me to come to Jesus
Sun of my soul, thou Saviour dear
Sun, shine forth in all thy splendour
Sure anchor of the soul!
Sure the record; Christ has come!
Surely Christ thy griefs has borne
Sweet cup of sorrow
Sweet is the gentle voice of Spring
Sweet is the savour of his name
Sweet is thy mercy, Lord!
Sweet lily of the field, declare
Sweet shades and fields that glow with summer flowers
Sweet song of life! oh, sound again
Sweet the moments, rich in blessing
Sweet to trace his toiling footsteps
Sweet was the hour, O Lord, to thee
Sweet were the sounds that reached our ears - Sweet sounds
Take me, Jesus, to thy breast
Take me, O my Father, take me
Take these things hence!
Tale of tenderness unfathomed
Teach me thy love, O gracious Son of God!
Ten virgins, clothed in white - Oil in the lamp
Thank God that towards eternity
That Holy One
That love is purest and most true
The angel has come down
The atoning work is done
The badge the Christian wears on earth
The battle is the Lord's
The billows swell - Temptation
The channels are on earth, the fountain is above
The chariot! the chariot! its wheels roll on fire
The Christ of God hath come
The Christ, the Son of God, hath died!
The clouds that gather overhead
The Cross! a theme of joy to some
The Cross! my hope, my boast, my theme
The cross, it standeth fast
The cross stands firm
The cross! The cross of Jesus Christ our Lord
The crowd sweeps onward still
The crowns of earth are jewelled dust
"The cup of salvation", the cup that we drink of
The day is gone – my soul looks on
The day of God at length appears
The demon, Lord, expel
The earth was without form and void
The earthen pitcher frail
The evening comes, the sun is sunk and gone
"The everlasting hills!" how calm they rise
The Father sent the Son
The gems of earth are still within
The glory shines before me
The God himself, who reigns on high
The God of glory dwells on high
The God, who made the silver stars
The Good old Times! how glorious!
The Gospel is of God
The grave is empty now, – its prey
The hart panteth after the waters
The head that once was crowned with thorns
The heavens declare thy glory, Lord!
The land! the glory of all lands
The light is sweet, and pleasant is
The little while! how nearly gone
The Lord be praised, that in my heart
The Lord his people all
The Lord, his way is in the storms
The Lord is coming in the clouds
The Lord is my help and my shield
The Lord is my strength
The Lord is risen indeed
"THE LORD IS RISEN!" – Oh, what joy
The Lord of all things, in his humble birth
The Lord of life is risen!
The Lord of Might, from Sinai's brow
The Lord receives his highest praise
The Lord, "the only wise", is he
The Lord, to whom I pleaded
The Lord, who sits enthroned in light
The love that passeth knowledge
The man is highly blessed
The Master hath his word fulfilled
The Master saith, 'My time is now at hand'
The mighty God our father is
The new-born child of gospel grace
The night is dark and sad
The night is now far spent
The night-shades have begun their flight
The old is better than the new
The people of the Lord
The pilgrim spirit journeys on
The pilgrimage cares and calamities past
The praise of heaven to him is due
The privilege I greatly prize
The promise, Lord, that thou hast given
The purple morning gilds the eastern skies
The race of God's anointed priests
The Rock was smitten, and from it
The saints shall have joy in the morning
The saints should never be dismayed
The Saviour bears a lovely name
The Saviour hides his face!
The Saviour, Jesus, left the skies
The Saviour leads his people on
The Saviour, what a noble flame
The shades of evening chase away
The sky is clouded over
The Son of God descends
The Son of God, in mighty love
The Spirit breathes upon the Word
The Spirit, coming in his pow'r
"The Spirit of the Truth" is he
The thought of death inspires no fear
The Throne of his Glory
The time is short!
The tomb is empty: wouldst thou have it full
The trump of God is heard on high
The trumpet is sounding, the Lord is appearing
The trumpet shall sound
The twilight hour is come
The veil is rent. Lo! Jesus stands
The way is long and dreary
The winds were howling o'er the deep
The wish so near my heart
The wondering sages trace from far
The world can neither give nor take
The world is bright, but I am sad
The world is grown old, and her pleasures are past
Thee in the loving bloom of morn
Thee would I trust, my God
Thee would we follow to the cross
There are ten at the feet of the Saviour
There is a balm for every pain
There is a Day of rest before thee
There is a fountain deep and pure
There is a family on earth
There is a fountain filled with blood
There is a land where troubles never come
There is a place of endless joy
There is a song so thrilling
There is an everlasting home
There is no love like the love of Jesus
There is rest for the weary soul
There lies a land beyond these clouds
There's not a name beneath the skies
There's one sweet day the Christian heart holds dear
There sounds a glorious music
There was joy in Heaven!
There was no angel midst the throng
There were two worn and weary ones
They did not die! - Sleep in Jesus
They hear his voice!
Thine and yet ours, O Lord!
Thine Handmaid, Saviour! can it be?
Thine holy day's returning
Things unseen engage us now
Think, oh, think, my heaven-born spirit
Thinner and thinner grows the veil
This is not my place of resting
This is, of a truth, the Prophet
This is the day of toil
This is the feast of heavenly wine
This is thy love, my God!
This night a wondrous revelation
This world is a wilderness wide
This year will prove a happy one
Thou art coming, mighty Saviour!
Thou art home at last, each waymark past
Thou art my Joy, Lord Jesus!
Thou art our refuge, O Eternal God
Thou Breath from still eternity
Thou for whom we look, now aid me
Thou gracious Lord and God
Thou hast borne our sins and sorrows
Thou knewest not where to lay thy head
Thou knowest, Lord, the weariness and sorrow
Thou know'st my longings to be taught of thee
Thou living God! how blessed are all
Thou, Lord, art all to me
Thou Lord of all, on earth hast dwelt
Thou must deny thyself
Thou, Saviour, from thy throne on high
Thou sweet beloved Will of God
Thou, through whose all-prevailing name
Thou who givest of thy gladness
Thou, who searchest every heart
Thou, whose coming seers and sages
Though sorrows rise, and dangers roll
Though thou slay me, I will trust
Though troubles assail - The Lord will provide
Three hours the land was wrapped in gloom
Through good report and evil, Lord
Through night and tribulation
Through the long vista of the bygone days
Through the love of God our Saviour
Thus far the Lord hath led us on, – in darkness and in day
Thy death – Lord Jesus! Death wherein we died
Thy Father's house! Thine own bright home!
Thy holy will, my God, be mine
Thy mansion is the Christian's heart
Thy precious gift, O Lord, impart
Thy promise, Lord, just suits my case
Thy rebuke my heart hath broken!
Thy thoughts are here, my God
Thy way, not mine, O Lord
"Thy way, O Lord, is in the sea"
Thy will I cheerfully obey
Thy works, not mine, O Christ
Thy yoke! All other yokes are hard
Till he come we own his name
Time hastens on, and as it wings its flight
Time's sun is fast setting
'Tis a blessed thing to know
'Tis a dead world through which I walk
'Tis a long and a toilsome day
'Tis a sharp rugged hill, that seems to mock
'Tis finished all – our souls to win
'Tis good, 'tis sweet, 'tis passing sweet
'Tis Jesus in the sunshine
'Tis meet that we should humbled be
'Tis my happiness below
'Tis not far off – the hour
"Tis not yet the hour appointed!"
'Tis only for a season
'Tis sweet to know the sacred name
'Tis the day of Resurrection
'Tis the last trumpet's voice
'Tis the Lord, I know it is
'Tis to thee we owe allegiance
'Tis to us no cause of sorrow
To Calvary, Lord, in spirit now
To God, my Saviour, praise is due
To God our Saviour and our King
To have each day the thing I wish
To heart and soul how sweet thou art
To heaven's eternal King
To him alone, whose name is love
To him that sits upon the throne
To him, "the only wise"
To him who left his throne
To him who reigns in heaven above
To him who washed them in his blood
To him whose name is "love"
To Israel's God let praise be given
To Jehovah, God of might
To Jesus, the Crown of my hope
To keep the lamp alive
To learn, and yet to learn, whilst life goes by
To live of thee – blessed source of deepest joy!
"To me to live is Christ," and yet the days
To my beloved ones my steps are moving
To our Lord a throne is giv'n
To praise him in the dance! O glorious day!
To see the Saviour as he is
To tell the Saviour all my wants
To the cross, away, away!
To the name of God on high
To thee, Lord, my heart unfoldeth
To thee, O dear dear Saviour!
To thee, O Lord our God, we come
To thee, O Lord, we turn our eyes
To thee, to thee alone, Lord, would I hearken
To thee we come, our God, to thee
To those who know the Lord I speak
To visit earth, O Master
To wait for that important day
To whom should those in trouble flee?
Today our Lord went up on high
Tree of Life! that, in the desert
Tremble not, though darkly gather
Trembling before thine awful throne
Trim the lamp, its light is fading
True bread of life, in pitying mercy given
True mirror of the Godhead! Perfect Light!
"Trust ye in the Lord for ever"
Trustingly, trustingly - My Pilgrimage
Turn, poor wanderer, ere the sentence
'Twas a conflict while it lasted
'Twas a dark and fearful hour
'Twas a foolish thing to say
'Twas he who made the world that said
'Twixt gleams of joy and clouds of doubt
Uncomplaining, though with care grown hoary
Under thy shadow
Unfold, O Lord, to us unfold
Unknown by men, the Christian lives
Unto us a Son is given
Up now, my soul, 'tis day!
Up! up! my heart with gladness
Upon the Rock I plant my foot!
Upward, where the stars are burning
Voices of Spring, with what gladness I hear you again!
Victor of night!
Wake thee, O Zion, thy mourning is ended
Wake, ye saints, from sleep awake
Wanderer, rest thy weary feet
Watch, for ye know not when the Master cometh
We are come unto Mount Zion
We are the Lord's, whether we live or die
We bless our Saviour's name
We give thee thanks, O Lord, who hast
We give thee thanks, O Saviour dear
We glory only in the cross
We have heard the voice of trembling
We have not seen the Saviour's face
We leave now behind us
We'll praise thee, glorious Lord
We'll sing in spite of scorn
We'll sing of the Shepherd that died
We'll speak of Christ
We look for joys to come
We need not be ashamed to own
We ought to sing for joy today
We praise and bless the Saviour's name
We're bound for yonder land
We're not of this world that fadeth away
We sing of him, and so we should
We sing of him who came from heav'n
We sing of him who died
We sing the praise of him who died
We sing the praise of him who gave
We sing the Saviour's praise
We sing to thee, Immanuel
We sing with joy today
We slept – a sleep of death, and yet of dreams
We speak of the realms of the blessed
We stand in deep repentance
We take the peace which he has won
We thank thee, Lord, for weary days
We wait for thee, O Son of God - The Day of Glory
"We walk by faith, and not by sight"
We walk on earth – and to its ways
We were lost, but God has found us
We would see Jesus; – all is gloom around us
We yield to death; the fight is lost
Wearily my spirit sinketh
Weep no more, my soul! forgiven
Weep no more, poor child of sorrow
Weep no more, ye saints, why should ye?
Welcome thou victor in the strife
Welcome, welcome, Holy Child!
What affects my heart?
What for us is more befitting
What grace, O Lord, and beauty shone
What greater blessedness can be
What in the Lord thou doest must succeed
What is human life below?
What is life? 'Tis but a vapour
What is our sweetest joy?
What is the lesson I am taught
What love is this the Father shows
What love, what pleasure, what surprise
What! Know ye not
What pleasure there is in expecting the season
What powerful, mighty Voice, so near
What shall we be, and whither shall we go
What should keep me from the cross?
What sudden blaze of song
What terrors shake my trembling soul!
"What things were gain to me"
What thou hast
What thousands never knew the road!
What tongue can tell, what fancy paint
What various hindrances we meet
What within me and without
When a believer yields his breath
When across the heart deep waves of sorrow
When all outward comfort flies
When along life's thorny road
When, by the busy crowd of life
When comes the hour which seals my doom
When darkness long has veiled my mind
When downward to the darksome tomb
When earth's supports and comforts fail
When first I heard of Jesus' name
When gathering clouds around I view
When Hagar found the bottle spent
When I shall wake on that fair morn of morns
When inward turns my searching gaze
When it is well with thee before thy God
When o'er Judea's vales and hills
When one whom ...
When passing through deep waters
When Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil
When the leaves of life are falling
When the Lord rebukes his servant
When the night is dark and dreary
When this passing world is done
When through the torn sail the wild tempest
When two or three together meet
When waves of trouble round me swell
When we cannot see our way
When we stand on Pisgah's summit
When winds are raging o'er the upper ocean
When, wounded sore, the stricken soul
Whence those sounds symphonious
Whence those unusual bursts of joy
Where climbs thy steep, fair Olivet
Where high the heavenly temple stands
Where, in this waste unlovely world
Where is mercy and compassion
Where shall I go, my Lord, from thee?
Where the faded flower shall freshen
Where yonder mount, with olives clad
Wherever our Master may call us
Wherefore goest thou with me?
Wherefore weep we over Jesus
While ceaseless love and ceaseless care
While I wandered, Jesus sought me
While in the world we still remain
Who are these who come amongst us
Who are these whose faces are irradiate
"Who is this that calms the ocean?"
Who knows how near my life's expended?
Who lives in God has save abode
Who shall condemn the Lord's elect?
Who touched me? - Luke 8,45
Who yonder on the desert heath
Why is my heart so far from thee
Why, my soul, so sad and fearful
Why should these eyes be tearful
Why sleeps the harp of Judah now?
Why those fears? behold 'tis Jesus
Why walk in darkness? Has the dear light vanished
Why, why art thou so fearful
Wilt thou not, my Shepherd true
Winter has a joy for me
With heart and soul in sweet accord
With heav'n in view, we tread the path
With tearful eyes I look around
With thanks we closed the year
With the Sabbath's holy dawning
With what bright and holy charm
Withhold not, Lord, the help I crave
Within a vineyard's sunny bound
Wondrous is the simple story
Wondrous joy, thy joy, Lord Jesus
Wondrous ways is God pursuing
Word of Life, eternal Fountain
Work in me, Lord, thy wondrous will
Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness!
Would I lead another right?
Wouldst thou learn the depth of sin
Ye desolate children of sorrow!
Ye heirs of God, joint heirs with Christ, arise!
Ye know not what ye ask!
Ye must suffer ere ye serve
Ye saints, come and join in the praise of the Lamb
Ye sons of earth, prepare the plough
Ye virgins, gird your loins!
Ye who know the Lord, draw nigh
Yes, a call there is
Yes, for me, for me he careth
Yes, I love the name that is
Yes, I will always love
Yes, kind Saviour, grieving
Yes, Lord, thou hast the words of life
Yes! – my Redeemer lives, to save us
Yes, "the battle is the Lord's"
Yes, the day is at hand; rejoice, then, ye saints
Yes, the Lord has thus far led us
Yes! "the Lord is good", I know it
Yes, the Lord no more is found