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Hymn score of: The glory shines before me (Hannah K. Burlingham/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 1044

The glory shines before me (Hannah K. Burlingham/
Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

The glory shines before me.

1. The glory shines before me;
  I cannot linger here:
though clouds may darken o'er me,
  my Father's house is near.
If through this barren wilderness
  a little while I roam,
the glory shines before me,
  I am not far from home. PDF - Midi

2. Beyond the storms I'm going,
  beyond this vale of tears;
beyond the floods o'erflowing,
  beyond the changing years.
I'm going to the better land,
  by faith long since possessed:
the glory shines before me,
  for this is not my rest.

3. The Lamb is there the glory:
  the Lamb is there the light.
Affliction's grasp but tore me
  from phantoms of the night.
The voice of Jesus calleth me;
  my race will soon be run:
the glory shines before me;
  the prize will soon be won.

4. The glory shines before me;
  I know that all is well:
my Father's care is o'er me,
  his praises I would tell;
the love of Christ constraineth me;
  his blood hath washed me white;
where Jesus is in glory,
  'tis home, and love, and light.

Hannah K. Burlingham, Wayside Songs, 1901, 66-67.

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