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Hymn score of: Alone! – a stranger here - Alone (Hannah K. Burlingham/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 1068

Alone! – a stranger here - Alone
(Hannah K. Burlingham/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)


    1. Alone! – a stranger here –
divinely lighting up a world of sin –
didst thou, in grace, O living Lord, appear
    our shadowed sphere within. PDF - Midi

    2. Alone! alone in love,
in grace, in holiness of truth; alone,
through righteousness all human thought above,
    thou soughtest out thine own.

    3. Thou soughtest – 'twas to save;
yea, thou the Lord, wouldst seek and save the lost;
and therefore was thy goal on earth the grave,
    thy path of life, the cross.

    4. Alone! 'twas thine to bear
the awful judgment Adam made our due.
Alone! for who wrath's chalice dread could share?
    Who e'en thy purpose knew?

    5. Alone! yet not alone.
Thou in thine agony of prayer wert heard.
E'en in Gethsemane 'twas thine to own
    and keep thy Father's word.

    6. Alone! forsaken thou
of God, thy God, when doing all his will;
of man, thy creature, though thy thorn-pierced brow
    told out thy titles still.

    7. Alone! upon the cross –
despised, rejected, and by sinners slain –
thou didst transmute unfathomed present loss
    to heights untold of gain.

    8. Except a corn of wheat
fall deep and die, alone it doth abide.
Out of the Eater issued forth our meet.
    Thou livest and hast died.

    9. Alone, the victor now,
art thou in glory on the Father's throne;
co-risen, we henceforth thy claims avow,
    thy place, thy life, our own.

Hannah K. Burlingham, Wayside Songs, 1901, 64-65.

            PDF - Midi