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Hymn score of: Arise! ye lingering saints, arise! - Arise! (Ludwig Andreas Gotter/Sarah Laurie Borthwick Findlater/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 1554

Arise! ye lingering saints, arise! - Arise!
(Ludwig Andreas Gotter/Sarah Laurie Borthwick Findlater/
Johannes Thomas Rüegg)


"It is high time to awake out of sleep." (Romans 13,14)

1. Arise! ye lingering saints, arise!
  Remember that the might of grace,
when guilty slumbers sealed your eyes,
  awakened you to run the race,
    and let not darkness round you fall,
    but hearken to the Saviour's call.
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2. Arise! because the night of sin
  must flee before the light of day,
God's glorious Gospel shining in,
  must chase the midnight gloom away:
    you cannot true disciples be
    if you still walk in vanity.

3. Arise! although the flesh be weak,
  the spirit willing is and true,
and servants of the Master seek
  to follow where it guideth to.
    Beloved! oh, be wise indeed,
    and let the spirit ever lead.

4. Arise! because our Serpent-foe
  unwearied strives by day and night,
remembers time is short below,
  and wrestles on with hellish might:
    then boldly grasp both sword and shield!
    Who slumbers on the battle-field?

5. Arise! before that hour unknown,
  the hour of death that comes ere long,
and comes not to the weak alone,
  but to the mighty and the strong.
    Beloved! oft in spirit dwell
    upon the hour that none can tell.

6. Arise! that you prepared may stand
  before the coming of the Lord;
the day of wrath draws nigh at hand,
  according to th' eternal Word.
    Ah! think, perhaps this day shall see
    the dawning of eternity!

7. Arise! it is the Master's will,
  no more his heavenly voice despise!
Why linger with the dying still?
  He calls – arouse you, and arise!
    No longer slight the Saviour's call,
    it sounds to you, to me, to all.

Sarah Laurie Borthwick Findlater, Hymns from the Land of Luther, 1862, 39-41.
Translated from the German Wachet auf! of Ludwig Andreas Gotter.

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