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Hymn score of: Behold! behold! what wonder's here! (Paul Gerhardt/John Kelly/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 1632

Behold! behold! what wonder's here!
(Paul Gerhardt/John Kelly/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Behold! behold! what wonder's here!

1. Behold! behold! what wonder's here!
  The gloomy night turns bright and clear,
a brilliant light dispels the shade,
  the stars before it pale and fade. PDF - Midi

2. A wondrous light it is, I trow,
  and not the ancient sun shines now,
for, contrary to nature, night
  is turned by it to day so bright.

3. To us vouchsafèd can it be
  the Sun of Righteousness to see,
the Star from Jacob's stem so bright,
  the woman's Seed, the Gentiles' Light?

4. 'Tis even so – for from the sky
  heaven's hosts with joyful tidings hie,
that he is born in Bethl'hem's stall,
  who Saviour is and Lord of all!

5. Oh blessedness! the goodly throng
  of sainted fathers waited long
to see this day, with hope deferred,
  as we may learn from God's own word.

6. Behold! there in yon gloomy stall
  he lies who ruleth over all;
where once their food the cattle sought,
  the Virgin's child for rest is brought.

7. Oh, child of Adam! ponder well,
  and stumble not at what I tell,
he who appears in this low state
  for us is, and aye shall be great.

8. In mortal flesh we him behold,
  who all things made and doth uphold,
the Word who was with God is he,
  himself is God whom now we see.

9. It is God's sole-begotten Son
  through whom we now approach his throne,
the First and Last, the Prince of Peace,
  the Conqueror through whom wars cease.

10. The times predicted are fulfilled,
  God's fiery wrath must now be stilled;
his Son, made man, doth bear our load
  of guilt, our peace buys with his blood.

11. It is a time of joy today,
  with mourning and with woe away!
Woe, woe to him who us reviled!
  God's seen in flesh – we're reconciled.

12. The Lord who bears our sin is here,
  who'll bruise the serpent's head is near,
the Death of death – the Woe of hell –
  the Lord of Life with us doth dwell.

13. All foes are put our feet beneath,
  for sin and Satan, hell and death,
are brought to shame and put to flight
  upon this great, this wondrous night.

14. Oh! happy world, thrice happy they!
  who on this lowly infant stay
their souls, and with believing eyes
  in him their Saviour recognize.

15. Now praise the Lord whoe'er can praise,
  who from their low estate to raise
his enemies, from his high throne
  sent down his loved, his only Son.

16. Up! join the angel host and cry,
  Now glory be to God most High;
let peace prevail the world around,
  good-will to men and joy abound.

John Kelly, Paul Gerhardt's Spiritual Songs, 1867, 14-17.
(Original stanzas 3 and 7 left out, as in the German version.)
Translation of Paul Gerhardt's German hymn Schau! welch ein Wunder stellt sich dar!.

            PDF - Midi