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Hymn score of: As on a vast eternal shore (Elizabeth Prentiss/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 381

As on a vast eternal shore
(Elizabeth Prentiss/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

As on a vast eternal shore.

1. As on a vast eternal shore,
  the waves unceasing roll,
so he, whom all the worlds adore,
  blesses thy soul, O child of earth –
    blesses thy human soul. PDF - Midi

2. Then roll thou back, in tidal waves,
  thanksgiving to his name;
sing Christ, sing Christ, who loves and saves,
  who built thy mortal frame, my soul –
     who built thy mortal frame.

3. Day follows day, night follows night;
  and ever on their wings
Christ sends thee joy and peace and light;
  each hour a blessing brings, my heart –
     each hour a blessing brings.

4. Then let each day become a song,
  and every night a hymn;
each hour the song the hymn prolong,
  till tears thine eyes bedim, thrice blessed!
    Sweet tears thine eyes bedim.

5. Count up thy mercies, child of clay;
  recount them o'er and o'er;
yet canst thou tell, in life's short day,
  the sands upon the shore, O child?
    The sands upon the shore?

6. Nay then, but thou in heaven shalt sing,
  sing songs to Christ for aye,
exultant shall thy praises ring
  through an eternal day, glad heart –
    through an eternal day!

Elizabeth Prentiss, in: Schaff, Philip: Christ in Song, 1870, 565.

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