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Hymn score of: O Holy Comforter - The Comforter (Ray Palmer/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 629

O Holy Comforter - The Comforter
(Ray Palmer/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

The Comforter.

"The Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name." (John 14,26)

      1. O Holy Comforter,
                I hear
  thy blessed name with throbbing heart,
pressed oft with sorrow, sin, and fear,
  and pierced with many a venomed dart;
    come, Messenger Divine,
    come, cheer this heart of mine! PDF - Midi

      2. O Holy Comforter,
                I know
  thou art not to dull sense revealed,
thou com'st unseen as the sweet flow
  of the soft wind that woes the field;
    breathe, Messenger Divine,
    breathe on this soul of mine!

      3. O Holy Comforter,
                thy light
  is the eternal and serene;
shine thou, and on my ravished sight
  visions shall break of things unseen;
    come, Messenger Divine,
    make these bright glimpses mine!

      4. O Holy Comforter,
                thy love
  o'erfloweth as the flooding sea;
give me its tenderness to prove,
  then shall my heart o'erflow to thee;
    come, Messenger Divine,
    fill thou this breast of mine!

      5. O Holy Comforter,
                thy grace
  is life and health and hope and power;
by this I can each cross embrace,
  can triumph in the darkest hour;
    come, Messenger Divine,
    the strength of grace be mine!

      6. O Holy Comforter,
                thy peace,
  the peace of God, impart and keep
unruffled till life's tumults cease,
  and all its angry tempests sleep;
    come, Messenger Divine,
    thy perfect peace be mine!


Ray Palmer, The Poetical Works of Ray Palmer, 1876, 20-21.

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