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Hymn score of: Just as thou art (Russell S. Cook/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 67

Just as thou art (Russell S. Cook/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Just as thou art.

1. Just as thou art, – without one trace
  of love, or joy, or inward grace,
    or meetness for the heavenly place,
        O guilty sinner, come! PDF - Midi

2. Thy sins I bore on Calvary’s tree;
  the stripes thy due were laid on me,
    that peace and pardon might be free, –
        O wretched sinner, come!

3. Burdened with guilt, wouldst thou be blessed?
  Trust not the world; it gives no rest:
    I bring relief to hearts oppressed, –
        O weary sinner, come!

4. Come, leave thy burden at the cross;
  count all thy gains but empty dross;
    my grace repays all earthly loss, –
        O needy sinner, come!

5. Come, hither bring thy boding fears,
  thy aching heart, thy bursting tears:
    'tis mercy's voice salutes thine ears;
        O trembling sinner, come!

6. "The Spirit and the Bride say, Come;"
  rejoicing saints re-echo, Come;
    who faints, who thirsts, who will, may come;
        thy Saviour bids thee come.

Russell S. Cook, in: Philip Schaff: Christ in Song, 1870, 370.

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