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Hymn score of: I go on my way rejoicing - The vessel of wrought gold (Frances Bevan/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 832

I go on my way rejoicing - The vessel of wrought gold
(Frances Bevan/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

The vessel of wrought gold.

Hebrews 6, 19-20.

1. I go on my way rejoicing,
  though weary the wilderness road –
I go on my way rejoicing
  in hope of the glory of God. (PDF - Midi)

2. Oh well do I know that glory,
  that Home and that welcome sweet,
where above the mists and the shadows
  with the heart of God I meet.

3. There the ship of my soul is harboured
  in the calm of the crystal sea,
for within the veil is the anchor,
  where Jesus has entered for me.

4. Awhile in the earthen vessel
  the treasures of glory gleam;
in Heaven the fount eternal,
  in the desert the living stream.

5. And looking on Christ in glory,
  that glory so still, so fair,
there passes a change upon me,
  till I am as he who is there.

6. Then no more in the earthen vessel
  the treasure of God shall be,
but in full and unclouded beauty,
  O Lord, wilt thou shine through me.

7. Afar through the golden vessel
  will the glory of God shine bright;
there shall be no need for the sunshine,
  for the Lamb shall be the light.

8. With the light of the Stone most precious
  shall the City of God be fair;
he shall shine who is like to the jasper
  in his cloudless glory there.

9. Undimmed in that wondrous vessel,
  that light of surpassing love
shall illumine the earth in its gladness,
  and shall fill the heavens above.

10. All, all in his new creation,
  the glory of God shall see;
and the lamp for that light eternal
  the Bride of the Lamb shall be.

11. A golden lamp in the heavens,
  that all may see and adore
the Lamb who was slain and who liveth,
  who liveth for evermore.

12. So I go on my way rejoicing
  that the heavens and earth shall see
his grace, and his glory and beauty,
  in the depth of his love to me.

F. M.

Frances Bevan, Hymns of Ter Steegen, Suso and others 1, 1899, 79-81.

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