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Hymn score of: "I am not;" O words unwelcome - "I am not" (Heinrich Suso/Frances Bevan/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 886

"I am not;" O words unwelcome - "I am not"
(Heinrich Suso/Frances Bevan/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

"I am not"

John 1,21.

1. "I am not;" O words unwelcome
  to the lips of men –
"I am not;" O words that lead us
  back to God again! (PDF - Midi)

2. Speech of him who knows the pathway
  to that refuge sweet,
where is covert from the tempest,
  shadow from the heat.

3. Speech of Heaven, from wise men hidden,
  unto children taught;
few the words of that great lesson,
  only "I am not."

4. Heart of man, another language
  is thy native speech,
spoken by a thousand races,
  all alike in each.

5. "I am, –" rich, or wise, or holy –
  "thus, and thus am I;"
for "I am," men live and labour,
  for "I am," they die.

6. For "I am," men dare and suffer,
  count all loss as gain,
toil and weariness and bondage,
  sin and grief and pain.

7. In the blessed Gospel read we
  how a rich man bade
Christ the Lord and his disciples
  to a feast he made.

8. Well it was to feed the prophet;
  thus the rich man thought,
but amidst his wealth and bounty
  lacked he "I am not."

9. Then there came a sinful woman,
  eyes with weeping dim –
"I am not," her heart was saying –
  she had looked on him.

10. He beheld her broken-hearted,
  ruined and undone,
yet enthroned above the angels
  brighter than the Sun.

11. All the while in dust before him
  did her heart adore,
"I am not," that song of gladness –
  "T h o u  a r t, evermore."

12. For his heart to hers had spoken,
  to his wandering lamb;
in the speech of Love Eternal,
  H e  had said "I AM."

13. Now she thirsts no more for ever,
  all she would is given;
none on earth hath she beside him,
  none beside in Heaven.

14. Oh how fair that heavenly portion,
  that eternal lot;
Christ, and Christ alone, for ever –
  ever "I am not."

Frances Bevan, Hymns of Ter Steegen, Suso and others 1, 1899, 75-77, after Heinrich Suso.

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