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Hymn score of: Oh, there are many tears and sighs - "Ho! every one that thirsteth" (James George Deck/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 907

Oh, there are many tears and sighs - "Ho! every one that thirsteth" (James George Deck/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

"Ho! every one that thirsteth"

Isaiah 1.

1. Oh, there are many tears and sighs
  in this vain, sin-stained earth, –
sad hearts, and deepest agonies
  'midst all its shouts of mirth:
their festive scenes are gay, and loud
  with music's swelling tone;
but when they 've left the laughing crowd,
  what are they "all alone"? PDF - Midi

2. How many a gaily-painted vest,
  and robe of costly pride,
is worn upon an aching breast,
  its inward woe to hide!
How many a song of revelry
  sounds bravely on the ear,
from those whose couch of misery
  is wet with many a tear!

3. A voice is heard, a voice of love, –
  to each, to all, it cries, –
from One who came from joys above;
  he calls, he weeps, he dies:
the Son of God has man become,
  the prodigal to win;
and bring him to his Father's home,
  from vanity and sin.

4. Oh, nothing does the Father spare,
  his erring child to save;
all does the Son delight to bear, –
  the curse, the cross, the grave:
to make salvation free and sure,
  all does the Father give;
all does the Father's Son endure,
  that we might come, and live.

5. Ye wearied ones, ye desolate,
  ye mourning souls, attend;
be sins or sorrows e'er so great,
  come to the sinner's friend!
Seek not your guilt, or woe, to hide, –
  ye need not from his eyes!
The Holy One will not in pride
  a broken heart despise.

6. The smitten Rock, thou thirsty soul,
  gives forth its living streams;
thou sick one, he can make thee whole;
  dark one, behold his beams!
No more, ye starving, labour spend
  for that which is not bread;
to Jesus' gracious call attend,
  and ye shall all be fed.

7. Saviour, thy voice I have obeyed,
  and found each promise true:
and though my foolish feet have strayed,
  ofttimes since thee I knew;
with a full, thankful, joyful heart,
  at thy dear feet I fall,
confessing  a l l  I need THOU art,
  y e a,  t h o u  a r t  a l l  i n  a l l.

James George Deck, Hymns and Sacred Poems, 1906, 96-98, 7 of 8 stanzas.

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