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Hymn score of: Come, ye lofty! come, ye lowly! (Archer Gurney/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 912

Come, ye lofty! come, ye lowly!
(Archer Gurney/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Come, ye lofty! come, ye lowly!

1. Come, ye lofty! come, ye lowly!
  let your songs of gladness ring!
In a stable lies the Holy,
  in a manger rests the King:
see, in Mary's arms reposing,
  Christ by highest heaven adored:
come! your circle round him closing,
  pious hearts that love the Lord. PDF - Midi

2. Come, ye poor! no pomp of station
  robes the Child your hearts adore:
he, the Lord of all salvation,
  shares your want, is weak and poor:
oxen round about behold them,
  rafters naked, cold, and bare:
see, the shepherds! God has told them
  that the Prince of Life lies there.

3. Come, ye children, blithe and merry!
  this one Child your model make;
Christmas holly, leaf and berry,
  all be prized for his dear sake:
come, ye gentle hearts and tender!
  come, ye spirits keen and bold!
all in all your homage render,
  weak and mighty, young and old.

4. High above a star is shining,
  and the Wise Men haste from far:
come, glad hearts, and spirits pining!
  for you all has risen the Star.
Let us bring our poor oblations,
  thanks and love and faith and praise:
come, ye people! come, ye nations!
  all in all draw nigh to gaze.

5. Hark, the heaven of heavens is ringing:
  Christ the Lord to man is born:
are not all our hearts, too, singing,
  Welcome, welcome, Christmas morn?
Still the Child, all power possessing,
  smiles as through the ages past;
and the song of Christmas-blessing
  sweetly sinks to rest at last.

Archer Gurney, in: Schaff, Philip: Christ in Song, 1870, 63-64.

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