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Hymn score of: Oh, what is thy Beloved? - My Beloved (James George Deck/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 927

Oh, what is thy Beloved? - My Beloved
(James George Deck/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

My Beloved.

"What is thy Beloved more than another beloved?" (Canticle of Canticles 5,9)

1. Oh, what is thy Beloved?
  They oft inquire of me;
and what in my Beloved
  so passing fair I see?
Is it the heavenly splendour
  in which he shines above?
His riches, and dominions,
  that won my heart's best love? PDF - Midi

2. Oh no ! 't is not his glories;
  he's worthy of them all!
'T is not the throne and sceptre
  before which angels fall!
I view with heart exulting
  each crown his head adorns;
but, oh, he looks most lovely,
  w e a r i n g  h i s  c r o w n  o f  t h o r n s .

3. I'm glad to see his raiment
  than snow more spotless white,
refulgent with its brightness,
  more dazzling than the light;
but more surpassing lovely
  his form appears to me,
when, stripped, and scourged, and bleeding,
  h e   h u n g  u p o n  a  t r e e .

4. With warmest adoration
  I see him on the throne,
and join the loud hosannas
  that his high virtues own;
but, oh, most blessèd Jesus,
  I must confess to thee,
more than the throne of glory
  I  l o v e  t h a t  s a c r e d  t r e e .

5. I joy to see the diadems
  upon thy royal brow;
the state, and power, and majesty
  in which thou sittest now:
but 't is  t h y s e l f , Lord Jesus,
  makes heaven seem heaven to me, –
t h y s e l f , as first I knew thee,
  u p l i f t e d  o n  t h e  t r e e.

6. Though higher than the highest,
  most mighty King thou art,
thy grace, and not thy greatness,
  first touched my rebel heart:
thy sword, it might have slain me,
  thine arrows drunk my blood;
but 't was  t h y  c r o s s  subdued me,
  and won my heart to God.

7. Thy sceptre rules creation,
  thy  w o u n d e d  h a n d  rules me;
all bow before thy footstool,
  I but the  n a i l - p r i n t s  see:
aloud they sound thy titles,
  thou Lord of lords most high;
one thrilling thought absorbs me –
  t h i s  L o r d  f o r  M E  d i d  d i e !

8. Oh, this is my Beloved,
  there's none so fair as he;
the chief among ten thousand,
  he's all in all to me:
my heart it breaks with longing
  to dwell with him above,
who wooed me first, and won me
  b y  h i s  s w e e t  d y i n g  l o v e .

James George Deck, Hymns and Sacred Poems, 1906, 64-66.

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