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Hymn score of: The twilight hour is come - The Twilight Hour (Charlotte Elliott/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

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The twilight hour is come - The Twilight Hour
(Charlotte Elliott/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

The Twilight Hour.

1. The twilight hour is come,
    the hour of musings sweet;
for breathings towards a heavenly home,
for calling back the thoughts that roam,
    which earth's low trifles cheat:
Oh! may the Holy Spirit's power
hallow and bless the twilight hour! PDF - Midi

2. The day is past and gone!
    The sun has run his round!
All nature's course has hastened on;
earth, sea, and sky their task haven done,
    faithful has each been found.
How has my soul pursued her track?
Have I gone forward, or gone back?

3. My God! throughout this day
    thine eye has watched my heart!
Has marked each footstep of my way;
and now its penetrating ray
    seems through my soul to dart;
discovering the dark depths within,
and many an unexpected sin.

4. What progress can I trace?
    What growth in faith and love?
What urgent cries for quickening grace?
What strenuous toil to run the race?
    What grasp of things above?
Ah! lukewarm praises, languid prayers,
betray a heart oppressed with cares.

5. My loins have not been girt,
    my lamp has not been bright;
my soul, unwatchful, weak, inert,
has failed such efforts to exert
    as draw down life and light;
no spur to others has been given,
no fragrance shed that breathes of heaven.

6. O thou whose cleansing blood
    forms my sole hope and plea,
down to that renovating flood
where guilt is lost and strength renewed,
    with contrite faith I flee;
now let its healing, quickening power
stamp value on this twilight hour.

Charlotte Elliott, Selections from the Poems of Charlotte Elliott, 94-96.

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