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Hymn score of: Let us sing, for we have reason (Thomas Kelly/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 1123

Let us sing, for we have reason
(Thomas Kelly/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Let us sing, for we have reason.

"Praise ye the Lord." (Psalm 113,1)

1. Let us sing, for we have reason;
  let us join with those above;
praise is never out of season;
  let us praise the God of love:
    we indeed have cause to sing,
    Jesus is our glorious King. PDF - Midi

2. He whom angels view with wonder,
  he whom angels always sing,
he who wields the awful thunder,
  is himself our glorious King:
    O how blessed his people are!
    Blessed who in his glory share.

3.  When we reach the full enjoyment
  of the state where sorrows end,
praise will be our sweet employment,
  we shall praise the sinner's friend;
    him who washed us with his blood,
    saved, and brought us nigh to God.

4. But how different then our praises
  from the praise we render now!
Well our coldness may amaze us,
  when we think how much we owe;
    but no coldness will remain,
    when that glorious state we gain.

5. Yet our Lord accepts our praises,
  ev'n the praise we offer here;
he, on whom th' archangel gazes
  with delight and holy fear,
    hears his people when they sing,
    and accepts the praise they bring.

6. Sing we then our Saviour's praises,
  sing the praise of him we love;
when our Lord to heav'n shall raise us,
  then we'll join with those above;
    then, like them, unwearied sing,
    glory, glory to our King.

Thomas Kelly, Hymns on various passages of Scripture, ca. 1853, Hymn 201.

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