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Thomas Kelly

Thomas Kelly (1769-1855) has written many fine hymns, some of which (361) you may find here:

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A clearer view of things unseen
A land I know there is
An absent Lord I serve and love
And art thou, gracious Master, gone
Angels heard with admiration
Arise, ye saints, arise
As a lamb led forth to slaughter
As one to self-indulgence prone
At our Father's table meeting
Awake, awake, O arm of God!
"Awake, O sword," awake and smite
Awake our souls! awake our tongues!
Awake, ye saints, awake and watch
Away, away! thy work is done!
Away! he calls thee hence away
Away! thou dying saint, away!
Base among the base
Behold the Lamb, with glory crowned!
Behold the man! how glorious he!
Beloved associates in the strife
Beloved one, thy place no more
Better two than one
Beyond the world a city stands
Bless, my soul, the name of Jesus
Blessed be the Lord for ever!
Blessed fountain, full of grace!
Blessed, whom Jesus keeps
Born in a stable he
Born in sin, and doomed to die
Boundless glory, Lord, be thine!
Bring no money here, nor price
Broken was his body; broken
Chief of sinners, Lord, am I
Child of promise, looked for long!
Christ is born, go tell the story
Christians an arduous fight maintain
Come and let us praise our King!
"Come in, thou blessed of the Lord"
Come, O Lord, the heavens rending
Come praise the Lord, exalt his name
Come, ye saints, look here and wonder
Courage, ye who fighting are
Crowns of glory, ever bright
Deal gently with thy servant, Lord
Endless praises
Eternal honour be to him
Every good possessing
Every knee shall bow to Jesus
Exalt the name of him who bore
Fly abroad, and tell the story
Fly, ye seasons, fly still faster
For the hope we have of life
For whom is yonder crown prepared
From far I see the glorious day
Fruit we have of God's election
Glad I am to have thee
Glad I was today
Glad we keep the feast today
Glory be to him who saved us
Glory, glory everlasting
Glory, glory to our King!
Glory to God above
Glory to God on high!
God has turned my grief to gladness
God is for us
"God is love," his word has said it
God of hope and consolation
Going home, and going quickly
Good and faithful are thy words
Grace is the sweetest sound
Gracious Lord, my heart is fixèd
Ground of my hope, the Cross appears!
Had David done as Saul advised
Half a wreck, by tempests driven
Hark! a voice! it cries from heaven
Hark, ten thousand harps and voices
Hark! ten thousand voices cry
Hark! that shout of rapturous joy
Hark the notes of angels singing
Hark! the solemn trumpet sounding
Hark! 'tis the trumpet's sound
Hark, 'tis a martial sound!
Hark! what sounds salute our ears
Have we known indeed, and tasted
Having nothing, yet possessing all things
He comes! the Saviour full of grace
He's gone! see where his body lay
He who saved us when assaulted
He whom all the prophets told of
Himself he cannot save
Ho, ye thirsty! here's a spring
Homeward bound, the way is dreary
Hope in Christ our Lord possessing
Hope is the anchor of the soul
How blessed and how bright the day
How blessed is he, whom God forgives
How pleasant is the sound of praise!
I have sinned, but thou hast suffered
I know I should be wholly his
I love the sacred book of God
I need not blush to own that he
If belovèd, why belovèd?
If I had wings, then would I go
If Jesus rose not from the grave
If worldly thoughts so much employ
In form I long had bowed the knee
In him, whose presence gladdens heaven
In our Lord we have redemption
In the region of light and of glory
In this world of sorrow
In trouble, Lord, I sought thy face
Is it not God appoints it so?
Is not this a brand
Is the Lord among us?
It has not fully yet appeared
"It is finished!" sinners, hear it
It is not we who can direct
Jacob's star is risen at last
Jesus comes, by crowds attended
Jesus comes, the Judge of all
Jesus drains the cup of sorrows
Jesus gave his life, to save us
Jesus gives his people freedom
Jesus is the Lord my Shepherd
Jesus is the Lord's anointed
Jesus leaves his throne of glory
Jesus, my Lord, to thee
Jesus our Lord is King
Jesus soon will come to bless us
Jesus, the Shepherd of the sheep
Jesus, we hail thee Israel's King
Joyful be the hours today
Joyful let us raise our voices
Keep us, Lord, O keep us ever!
King of kings, and Lord of lords!
Let all who name his blessed name
Let crowns of glory wreathe the head
Let God arise
Let others labour to possess
Let sinners saved give thanks, and sing
Let us sing, for we have reason
Lo, he comes! let all adore him!
Lo! the infant Saviour lies
Lord, dissolve my frozen heart
Lord, I put my trust in thee
Lord, I trust in thee, O never
Lord, let the people of thy love
Lord, let thy Spirit from above
Lord, 'tis good to know thy grace
Lord, we plead thy promise given
Loss is gain, and pain is pleasure
Make thy face to shine upon us
Many foes our march opposing
Many perils, many crosses
Mighty is the arm that saves us
Mine was a hopeless case
Much I love the honoured name
Much there is to harm us
Much there is to turn us
Much there is to try us here
My Father knows my feeble frame
Neither "voice" we have, nor "vision"
Never leave us nor forsake us
No strength at all belongs to us
No strength have I, no strength at all
None to help us, no, not one
Nothing but the purest grace
Now let us all together sing
Now may the Spirit from above
Now may the Spirit, sent from heav'n
Now may the Spirit's power be felt
Now praise we, and bless we, the Lord
Now raise a solemn, cheerful strain
Now we sow in tears
O had I the wings of a dove
O how good and pleasant
O Israel to thy tents repair
O Zion, when I think on thee
Of Jesus we'll sing
Of sinners the chief
Once to other lords we bowed
Our Father sits on yonder throne
Our rest be here, the Cross beneath
Our souls, they cleave unto the dust
Ours is a pardon bought with blood
Praise, O Lord, we know becomes us
Praise the God of our salvation
Praise the Lord
"Praise the Lord," 'tis meet we should
Praise the Lord, who died to save us
Praise the Saviour, ye who know him
Praises more than we can render
Precious volume! what thou doest
Quick and powerful is the word
Rejoice, the Lord is risen
Rescued from the lake infernal
Salvation is of God alone
Saviour, be thou with us, going
Saviour, send a blessing to us
Saviour, send us help from heaven
Saviour, this is what I ask
Saviour, through the desert lead us
Saviour, 'tis to thee
Saviour, we have seen thy goings
Saviour, work in us thy pleasure
Say, who they are who have believed
Say, why art thou cast down, my soul?
See! he comes, his work is done
See the holy victim smitten
See the saints in heaven appearing
See where the Lord his glory spreads
Seed of the woman, looked for long
Send thy Spirit, Lord, from heaven
Shall I be ashamed of Jesus?
Shepherd of the chosen number
Sing aloud to God, our strength
Sing of grace, the grace of Jesus
Sing of him, the Lord, who
Sing of him who bore our guilt
Sing of him who came to save us
Sing of him who gives us
Sing of him, who left a throne
Sing of him who lives for ever
Sing of Jesus, sing for ever
Sing, sing his lofty praise
Sing the Saviour's praises
Sing we praise to God above
"Sinner, I am thy salvation"
Sinner, wilt thou still go on?
Sons of Zion, raise your songs
Spared a little longer
Stricken, smitten, and afflicted
Sweet is the savour of his name
Sweet were the sounds that reached our ears - Sweet sounds
The atoning work is done
The battle is the Lord's
The Cross! a theme of joy to some
The Cross! my hope, my boast, my theme
"The cup of salvation", the cup that we drink of
The day of God at length appears
The demon, Lord, expel
The God himself, who reigns on high
The God of glory dwells on high
The head that once was crowned with thorns
The heavens declare thy glory, Lord!
The light is sweet, and pleasant is
The Lord, his way is in the storms
The Lord is coming in the clouds
The Lord is my help and my shield
The Lord is my strength
The Lord is risen indeed
The Lord, "the only wise", is he
The mighty God our father is
The night is now far spent
The people of the Lord
The praise of heaven to him is due
The privilege I greatly prize
The promise, Lord, that thou hast given
The saints shall have joy in the morning
The Saviour bears a lovely name
The Saviour leads his people on
The Spirit, coming in his pow'r
"The Spirit of the Truth" is he
The trump of God is heard on high
The trumpet is sounding, the Lord is appearing
The trumpet shall sound
There is a family on earth
There's not a name beneath the skies
Things unseen engage us now
This is, of a truth, the Prophet
Thy precious gift, O Lord, impart
Thy promise, Lord, just suits my case
"Thy way, O Lord, is in the sea"
'Tis a blessed thing to know
'Tis good, 'tis sweet, 'tis passing sweet
'Tis meet that we should humbled be
'Tis sweet to know the sacred name
'Tis the last trumpet's voice
'Tis the Lord, I know it is
'Tis to thee we owe allegiance
'Tis to us no cause of sorrow
To God, my Saviour, praise is due
To God our Saviour and our King
To heaven's eternal King
To him alone, whose name is love
To him that sits upon the throne
To him, "the only wise"
To him who left his throne
To him who reigns in heaven above
To him who washed them in his blood
To him whose name is "love"
To Israel's God let praise be given
To our Lord a throne is giv'n
To see the Saviour as he is
To the cross, away, away!
To thee, O Lord our God, we come
To thee, O Lord, we turn our eyes
To thee we come, our God, to thee
To wait for that important day
To whom should those in trouble flee?
"Trust ye in the Lord for ever"
'Twas a conflict while it lasted
'Twas a dark and fearful hour
'Twas a foolish thing to say
'Twas he who made the world that said
Unfold, O Lord, to us unfold
Unknown by men, the Christian lives
Unto us a Son is given
We have not seen the Saviour's face
We'll sing in spite of scorn
We'll sing of the Shepherd that died
We'll speak of Christ
We look for joys to come
We need not be ashamed to own
We ought to sing for joy today
We praise and bless the Saviour's name
We're bound for yonder land
We sing of him, and so we should
We sing of him who came from heav'n
We sing of him who died
We sing the praise of him who died
We sing the praise of him who gave
We sing the Saviour's praise
We sing with joy today
"We walk by faith, and not by sight"
We were lost, but God has found us
Weep no more, ye saints, why should ye?
Welcome, welcome, Holy Child!
What for us is more befitting
What is life? 'Tis but a vapour
What love is this the Father shows
What love, what pleasure, what surprise
What pleasure there is in expecting the season
What should keep me from the cross?
What thou hast
What tongue can tell, what fancy paint
When a believer yields his breath
When the Lord rebukes his servant
When two or three together meet
When we cannot see our way
When we stand on Pisgah's summit
Whence those sounds symphonious
Whence those unusual bursts of joy
Wherever our Master may call us
While I wandered, Jesus sought me
While in the world we still remain
"Who is this that calms the ocean?"
Who shall condemn the Lord's elect?
Why sleeps the harp of Judah now?
Why those fears? behold 'tis Jesus
With heav'n in view, we tread the path
Ye saints, come and join in the praise of the Lamb
Ye who know the Lord, draw nigh
Yes, a call there is
Yes, I love the name that is
Yes, "the battle is the Lord's"
Yes, the day is at hand; rejoice, then, ye saints
Yes, Lord, thou hast the words of life
Yes, the Lord has thus far led us
Yes! "the Lord is good", I know it - The Lord is good
Yes, the Lord no more is found