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Hymn score of: Let God arise (Thomas Kelly/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 1273

Let God arise
(Thomas Kelly/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Let God arise.

"Let God arise." (Psalm 68,1)

    1. Let God arise,
    the only wise,
and let his foes before him fly;
    at his command,
    let every land
be filled with light and sacred joy. PDF - Midi

    2. The dawning ray
    of that bright day
whose sun shall gladden every place,
    a light imparts,
    that cheers our hearts,
and bids us toil and danger face.

    3. The Lord has said
    his truth shall spread,
and all the earth his glory see;
    arise, O Lord,
    fulfill thy word,
and thine alone the honour be.

    4. Thy people wait
    with hope elate;
not distant far the day appears,
    when war shall cease,
    and heav'nly peace
shall wipe away ten thousand tears.

    5. Then Abrah'm's seed,
    from bondage freed,
shall taste of liberty and joy;
    from home long driv'n,
    but now forgiv'n,
the waster shall no more destroy.

    6. This day is light,
    but far more bright
the day when Jesus will return;
    he'll wipe away
    all tears that day,
his people never more shall mourn.

Thomas Kelly, Hymns on various passages of Scripture, ca. 1853, Hymn 529.

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