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Hymn score of: Himself he cannot save (Thomas Kelly/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 1359

Himself he cannot save
(Thomas Kelly/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Himself he cannot save.

"Himself he cannot save." (Matthew 27,42)

1. "Himself he cannot save."
  insulting foe, 'tis true:
the words a gracious meaning have,
  though meant in scorn by you. PDF - Midi

2. "Himself he cannot save."
  This is his highest praise.
Himself for others' sake he gave,
  and suffers in their place.

3. It were an easy part
  for him the cross to fly;
but love to sinners fills his heart,
  and makes him choose to die.

4. 'Tis love the cause unfolds,
  the deep, mysterious cause,
why he, who all the world upholds,
  hangs upon yonder cross.

5. Let carnal Jews blaspheme,
  and worldly wisdom mock;
the Saviour's cross shall be my theme,
  and Christ himself my Rock.

6. I leave the world for this;
  let others share its toys:
I envy not their fancied bliss,
  the cross yields purer joys.

Thomas Kelly, Hymns on various passages of Scripture, ca. 1853, Hymn 13.

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