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Hymn score of: O fear not, Christians, that rough path to tread - The Footprints of Christ (Author unknown/Frances Elizabeth Cox/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 1518

O fear not, Christians, that rough path to tread - The Footprints of Christ (Author unknown/Frances Elizabeth Cox/
Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

The Footprints of Christ.

"Let us run with patience the race that is set before us,
looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith."
(Hebrews 12,1)

1. O fear not, Christians, that rough path to tread,
whereon blessed Footprints of your Saviour lead,
    his bliss to gain,
    who went not up to joy but through sharp pain:
gaze on that countless host with steadfast eyes,
his followers, your fore-runners to the skies,
    and scan their life,
    examples each with holy lessons rife. PDF - Midi

2. Would ye to join those chosen ranks ascend,
with watchful zeal your King's commands attend,
    and bid adieu
    to each unhallowed wish and worldly view:
take up your Cross, beneath it bending low,
and for your Master's Will your own forego,
    nor count it loss,
    Knights of the Order of the Holy Cross.

3. Keep close to Christ, if conflicts sore betide;
stand fast, remembering he is at your side,
    to give you strength
    in battle, and the victor's crown at length:
and when from earth's unquiet scene ye part,
his rest shall compensate its keenest smart,
    and ye shall know
    joy ne'er experienced in this world below.

4. Fight well the fight of faith, and ye shall win;
and boldly strive against besetting sin,
    which all the way,
    in varied warfare, shall your progress stay:
whoe'er from those dread lists shall come away,
unscathed, unvanquished, at his dying day,
    he shall receive
    the crown of righteousness which Christ shall give:

5. that righteous crown by Christ in heaven laid up,
for those who bear his Image, drink his Cup,
    whom he will lead,
    by springs of ever new delights to feed:
thus will the Judge of all the earth reward
all those who love and long to meet their Lord,
    whom he will own,
    at that Great Day, as jewels of his Crown.

Frances Elizabeth Cox, Hymns from the German, 1864, 97+99+101.
Translated from the German Lebt, ihr Christen, so allhier auf Erden - Christi Fußstapfen
by an unknown author.

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