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Hymn score of: Lo! my choice is now decided - The good choice (Gerhard Tersteegen/Frances Elizabeth Cox/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 1526

Lo! my choice is now decided - The good choice
(Gerhard Tersteegen/Frances Elizabeth Cox/
Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

The good choice.

"Thou art my portion, O Lord;
I have promised to keep thy law." (Psalm 119,57)

1. Lo! my choice is now decided,
now, with heart no more divided,
  I devote to God my days;
sin, to thee no more I listen,
world, howe'er thy gauds may glisten,
  I on thee no more will gaze. PDF - Midi

2. Toys my heart away have carried,
here and there I oft have tarried,
  now my purpose shall not swerve;
all my life to God I tender,
to his Will my own surrender,
  him both day and night to serve.

3. Lord, to thee I yield sincerely
all that here I prize most dearly,
  see, from thee I nothing keep;
search my reins and heart all over,
shouldst thou there deceit discover,
  root it out, though hidden deep.

4. No fatigue or pain declining,
all my heart to thee resigning,
  I will go where thou dost lead;
if my every word and action
in thy sight give satisfaction,
  nothing more I then can need.

5. One thing first and only knowing,
elsewhere not a thought bestowing,
  now I quit the paths I trod;
stranger now to worldly pleasure,
here I lay not up my treasure,
  hid my life with Christ in God.

6. This the lot I would inherit;
let my heart, and soul, and spirit
  in thy service, Lord, be bowed;
thine henceforth, O blessed Saviour,
may I, in my whole behaviour,
  practise what my lips have vowed.

Frances Elizabeth Cox, Hymns from the German, 1864, 215+217.
Translated from the German Nun, so will ich denn mein Leben - Die gute Wahl
of Gerhard Tersteegen.

            PDF - Midi