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Hymn score of: Our blessings come, O God - A General Prayer (Johann Heermann/Henry Mills/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 1534

Our blessings come, O God - A General Prayer
(Johann Heermann/Henry Mills/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

A General Prayer.

1. Our blessings come, O God,
  from thine exhaustless treasure;
of earthly good our shares
  are portioned at thy pleasure.
Grant to my body, Lord,
  a health that may endure,
and to my spirit give
  a conscience that is pure. PDF - Midi

2. May I too strive to learn,
  by ceaseless observation,
how best I may perform
  the service of my station:
wherever duty leads
  may I delight to go,
on all I undertake
  thy blessing, Lord, bestow.

3. Keep me from saying what
  may after need recalling;
guard me, lest idle words
  may from my lips be falling;
but when my duty leaves
  for silence no pretence,
O make me wise to speak
  the truth without offence.

4. When danger shall arise,
  I would not too much fear it;
my cross, whate'er it be,
  O give me strength to bear it.
May I the rage of foes
  by gentleness subdue;
and, when I counsel need,
  may I the best pursue.

5. With all around, may I
  to peace and love incline me, –
as by the Saviour taught.
  And if thy hand assign me
increase of earthly store, –
  to all I thus obtain,
may there be nothing joined
  of an unrighteous gain.

6. And if old age I reach,
  ere life on earth is ended,
and must its trials meet
  with all its weakness blended, –
against the sins of age
  awake my jealous care,
that I gray hairs may thus
  a crown of glory wear.

7. And let me die at last
  my Christian faith professing;
take then my soul to thee,
  to share eternal blessing:
and to my body give
  among the dead a place,
that, as their ashes sleep,
  mine too may sleep in peace.

8. And when thy saints shall rise,
  then, Jesus, I implore thee,
complete in righteousness,
  may I appear before thee;
and hear my Saviour say,
  in voice of tender love,
"Come, ye redeemed, and share
  my perfect joys above!"

Henry Mills, Horæ Germanicæ, 1856, hymn 69.
Translated from the German O Gott, du frommer Gott!
of Johann Heermann.

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