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Hymn score of: Ah! when shall I be, from sinning - Christian Warfare (Balthasar Münter/Henry Mills/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 1536

Ah! when shall I be, from sinning - Christian Warfare
(Balthasar Münter/Henry Mills/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christian Warfare.

1. Ah! when shall I be, from sinning
  and from wrong affections, free?
When, the vict'ry fully winning,
  be well-pleasing, Lord, to thee?
I have still to own, with weeping,
sin his watch within is keeping,
  still, full oft, with efforts strong,
  urges me to do the wrong. PDF - Midi

2. Yet, in time of my devotions,
  musing on thy sacred word,
I have felt those sweet emotions
  which to saints their bliss afford.
Then I prized this holy pleasure
far above all worldly treasure,
  wished a heart entirely thine,
  warm with virtue all divine.

3. Then too vowed, full purpose making,
  that I only thine would be,
and, my inmost powers awaking,
  from all evil would be free;
thee my service wholly giving,
ever for thy glory living,
  sin in all its forms would shun,
  and the ways of God would run.

4. But, alas! – too soon, exerting
  hidden power, some passion rose,
marring, hind'ring, disconcerting
  every good I might propose.
Lures to pleasure, fears and troubles,
ill examples, cheating bubbles, –
  these on every side assail, –
  and my schemes of goodness fail.

5. Wretched man! – from evil turning,
  vain my utmost strength appears;
then, with deepest sorrow mourning,
  fruitless, too, are all my tears;
sin afresh stands forth to brave me, –
is there none from sin to save me?
  Thanks! – my God, through Christ, will free
  from this load of misery!

6. Thou forgivest, God of mercies,
  those who 'gainst their errors strive:
they alone shall bear thy curses,
  who in sin consent to live.
May I not then hope for pardon,
while I feel my sins a burden?
  Trusting to thy gracious care,
  can I yield me to despair?

7. Never cease thy kind protection!
  Sin will new advantage seek,
while, with unattained perfection,
  I must here continue weak.
Keep me, Lord, from self-reliance.
When I'm tempted, from compliance,
  that, in all sincerity,
  I may humbly walk with thee.

8. When I fall, make me observant,
  careful lest I fall again,
haste to strengthen then thy servant,
  that my course I may maintain:
Warn me! – ever go beside me!
Daily on – still onward guide me!
  till I reach eternal rest,
  with thy perfect image blessed!

Henry Mills, Horæ Germanicæ, 1856, hymn 77.
Translated from the German Ach, wann werd ich von der Sünde
of Balthasar Münter.

            PDF - Midi