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Hymn score of: Hallelujah! I believe! - Joy in Believing (Heinrich Möwes/Jane Laurie Borthwick/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 1553

Hallelujah! I believe! - Joy in Believing
(Heinrich Möwes/Jane Laurie Borthwick/
Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Joy in Believing.

"If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature."
(1 Corinthians 5,15)

1. Hallelujah! I believe!
  Now the giddy world stands fast,
now my soul has found an anchor,
  till the night of storm is past.
All the gloomy mists are rising,
  and a clue is in my hand,
through earth's labyrinth to guide me
  to a bright and heavenly land. PDF - Midi

2. Hallelujah! I believe!
  Sorrow's bitterness is o'er,
and affliction's heavy burden
  weighs my spirit down no more.
On the cross the mystic writing
  now revealed before me lies,
and I read the words of comfort,
  'As a Father, I chastise.'

3. Hallelujah! I believe!
  Now no longer in my soul
all the debt of sin is lying, –
  one great Friend has paid the whole!
Ice-bound fields of legal labour,
  I have left, with all their toil;
while the fruits of love are growing,
  from a new and genial soil.

4. Hallelujah! I believe!
  Now life's mystery is gone,
gladly through its fleeting shadows,
  to the end I journey on.
Through the tempest, or the sunshine,
  over flowers or ruins led,
still the path is homeward hasting,
  where all sorrow shall have fled.

5. Hallelujah! I believe!
  Now, O Love, I know thy power,
thine no false or fragile fetters,
  not the rose-wreaths of an hour!
Christian bonds of holy union,
  death itself does not destroy;
yes, to live, and love for ever,
  is our heritage of joy!

H.L.L., alias Jane Laurie Borthwick,
Hymns from the Land of Luther, 1862, 171-173.
Translated from the German Ich glaube! – Halleluja!
of Heinrich Möwes.

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