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Hymn score of: Angel-voices sweetly singing - Heaven at Last (Horatius Bonar/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 2341

Angel-voices sweetly singing - Heaven at Last
(Horatius Bonar/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Heaven at Last.

1. Angel-voices sweetly singing,
  echoes through the blue dome ringing,
    news of wondrous gladness bringing:
            ah, 'tis heaven at last! PDF - Midi

2. Now, beneath us all the grieving,
  all the wounded spirit's heaving,
    all the woe of hopes deceiving:
            ah, 'tis heaven at last!

3. Sin for ever left behind us;
  earthly visions cease to blind us,
    fleshly fetters cease to bind us:
            ah, 'tis heaven at last!

4. On the jasper threshold standing,
  like a pilgrim safely landing,
    see, the strange bright scene expanding!
            Ah, 'tis heaven at last!

5. What a city! what a glory!
  far beyond the brightest story
    of the ages old and hoary:
            ah, 'tis heaven at last!

6. Softest voices, silver-pealing,
  freshest fragrance, spirit-healing,
    happy hymns around us stealing:
            ah, 'tis heaven at last!

7. Gone the vanity and folly,
  gone the dark and melancholy;
    come the joyous and the holy:
            ah, 'tis heaven at last!

8. Not a broken blossom yonder,
  not a link can snap asunder;
    stayed the tempest, sheathed the thunder:
            ah, 'tis heaven at last!

9. Not a tear-drop ever falleth,
  not a pleasure ever palleth;
    song to song for ever calleth:
            ah, 'tis heaven at last!

10. Christ himself the living splendour,
  Christ the sunlight mild and tender;
    praises to the Lamb we render:
            ah, 'tis heaven at last!

11. Now at length the veil is rended,
  now the pilgrimage is ended,
    and the saints their thrones ascended:
            ah, 'tis heaven at last!

12. Broken death's dread bands that bound us,
  life and victory around us;
    Christ the King himself hath crowned us:
            ah, 'tis heaven at last!

Horatius Bonar, Hymns of Faith and Hope II, 1872, 62-64.

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