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Horatius Bonar's portrait.

Manuscript of Horatius Bonar's hymn: I lay my sins on Jesus.

Horatius Bonar

Horatius Bonar (1808-1889) has written many fine hymns,
some of which (288) you may find here:

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A few more years shall roll - A Pilgrim's Song
A little flock! So calls he thee - The Little Flock
A sinful man am I - Come unto Me
Abide ye in my love! - "Abide in My Love"
Acquaint thyself with God! - Divine acquaintanceship
Age of the ages - The winter is past
Ah, Lord, the world is dark! - Light in darkness
All night upon the city wall - The stone rolled away
All that I was, my sin, my guilt - Mine and Thine
All the earth this day is crying - The Cry of the Needy
Almighty Comforter and friend - Prayer to the Spirit
Amid the shadows and the fears - The Anchor within the Veil
Among the many, I am lost and weary - Return unto thy Rest
Angel-voices sweetly singing - Heaven at Last
Around one name they gather - None other name
Ascribe ye strength to God - The mighty God
At last! - At Last!
Be still, my soul, be still - Be still
Be still, my soul; Jehovah loveth thee - Be Still
Bear thou my burden
Bearer of sin, he came to earth - "With his stripes we are healed"
Begin the day with God! - Begin with God
Beyond the hills where suns go down - The New Song
Beyond the smiling and the weeping - A little while
Bring the bright day to me - Bring the Bright Day
By sleep he consecrated sleep - The Things that God hath Cleansed
By the cross of Jesus standing - The Cross
Calm me, my God, and keep me calm - The inner calm
Christ has done the mighty work! - It is Finished
City of celestial health - The City of the Forgiven
Cling to the Crucified! - Abide in him
Come, all ye nations, utter all your praises - Laudate
Come, Lord, and tarry not - Come, Lord
Come, mighty Spirit, penetrate - Come, Mighty Spirit
Could ye not watch?
Days are dying; suns are setting - "He fleeth as a shadow"
Dead unto sin through him who died
Does the way seem long and lonely? - Angel ministers
Done is the work that saves - The Work that Saves
Embosomed in the fragrance sweet - Our prayers
Eternal Father, gracious One - Laudate Deum
Ever gladness, never sadness - The eternal pendulum: ever, never
Every good and perfect gift - God the Giver of all
Fair world of earth, and air, and clouds, and sea - In him was life
Father, thou needest not our praise - Old hymn of praise (tr)
Fetch me the lightning from yon frowning cloud - The Prayer
Fill thou my life, O Lord my God - Life's praise
Finish thy work, the time is short - Finish thy work
Food of the soul, eternal bread - Bread enough and to spare
For the bread and for the wine - The Supper of Thanksgiving
For the first time I see - The eye opening on the cross
For the vision of the Bridegroom - "Until the day break"
Forgotten! no; that cannot be - Everlasting remembrance
From earth retiring - Almost home
From the cross the blood is falling - Juxta Crucem
From the far East we come - The Signal Star
From this green earth of ours - Praise goeth up to thee
Give thou thy youth to God - The Days of Thy Youth
Giver of rest! - Human weariness and divine rest
Go up, go up, my heart - Sursum Corda
Good is thy will, O Lord, and good thy way - Furnace Heat
God forbid that I should glory - I glory in Christ
Great King of kings, why dost thou stay? - Thy Kingdom Come
Great Ruler of the land and sea - The sailor's litany
Hard to be won! No, no - Easy to be entreated
He bore the sin! - Complete in Him
He called them, and they left - Follow Me
He came a leper, all unclean and foul - As many as Touched Him
He has come! the Christ of God - A Bethlehem Hymn
He looks on us, we look on him - Eye to Eye
He must grow greater - He must increase, I must decrease
He must increase, and I decrease - For me
He speaks! The gracious words I hear - Thee, only thee
He took our flesh! - Christ for us
Hear the glad words of grace - "Go in peace"
Help me, my God, to speak - Heart and lip
Hem of the seamless robe - The seamless raiment
Here, O my Lord, I see thee face to face - This do in Remembrance of Me
Holy Father, mighty God - The Cry of the Needy
Holy Spirit, spring of gladness - To the Holy Spirit
Home of holy light - Our Father's House
How goes the fight with thee - Our battle
I ask a perfect creed! - Credo, non opinor
I came and saw, and hoped to conquer - The Good Fight
I close my heavy eye - Ever Near
I come, I rest beneath - Beneath His Wing
I follow thee, O gracious Son of God! - Follow thou Me
I go to life, and not to death - I go to Life
I hear the words of love - He Died and Lives
I heard the voice of Jesus say - The Voice from Galilee
I hinder not, nor would reprove thy tears - Comfort in tribulation
I know thy poverty, but thou art rich - An aged pilgrim
I lay my sins on Jesus - The Substitute
I lay up treasure in the heavens - The Eternal Work
I lean upon no broken reed - I know whom I have believed
I look along the past, and gather themes - Thankful Memories
I need no priest save him who is above - My High Priest
I suffer, that I may behold - Divine discipline
I thank thee, Lord, for using me - Forget not all his benefits
I thought upon my sins, and I was sad - Christ our peace
I wake from sleep, and this new day - Morning Hymn
I was in love with hill and vale - The Fountainhead of Beauty
I was a wandering sheep - Lost but Found
I weep, but do not yield - The Rod
I would see Jesus now, when life is bright - I would see Jesus
In God, your God, be strong - Be strong
In the day when silent sorrow - "God shall wipe away all tears"
In the death of Christ I die - Who is he that condemneth?
In the hour when guilt assails me - Christ my all
In this great world of ours - The strength of evil
In this the wondrous love of God - "Herein is love"
In vain, in vain with human love - The Fulness of the Unseen
Into the heaven of the heavens hath he gone - The song of the Lamb
It is not time that flies - Time and Eternity
It is the Father's voice that cries - The Beloved Son
It tarries long - Not in vain
Jerusalem celestial - The City of the Great King (tr)
Jesus – let him thy portion be - The Eternal Portion
Jesus, sun and shield art thou - The First and the Last
Jesus, the Christ of God - Praise to Christ
Jesus, thy love alone - Thee, Only Thee
Keep silence, God is speaking - The Still Small Voice
King of kings! ascend thy throne - The coming reign
Kneeling on the earth, he prays - Passio Christi
Lead us, O Lord, to Bethlehem - Show us Jesus
Let me call nothing dark or ill - Transformed darkness
Lie still, lie still - All in Him
Life is coming, death is going - Even so, Amen
Light hath arisen, we walk in its brightness - The Walk of Faith
Light of life, so softly shining - Light of life
Light of the cradle! shine - Manifold Light
Light of the world, I come to thee! - The Light of life
Long days and nights, upon this restless bed - In me ye shall have peace
Long hath he waited for you, long - Unchanging love
Look, child of time, he comes, the Son of God! - The Christ of the ages
Look on the better sacrifice, O Lord - The better sacrifice
Lord, give me light to do thy work - Light for work
Lord, if he sleep he shall do well! - Holy Sleep
Lord, this is not Jerusalem - Our Refuge
Lord, thou art mine - Lord, Thou art Mine
Love not the world!
Love thou the truth - Let your light shine
Make friends with Time: the years are flying
Make use of me, my God! - Use Me
Meek and lowly let me be - Meek and lowly
Mighty Comforter, to thee - To the Comforter
Most at home among the angels - Heavenly places
My past, O Lord, with all its scenes - Lord, increase our faith
My tempted soul, arise and fight! - Toward the mark
Night of wonder, night of glory - Night of wonder
No distance now! the far-off and the near - Let us draw near
No, not despairingly - Confession and Peace
No, not the love without the blood - The blood that speaketh better things
No shadows yonder! - The Cloudless
Not far from any one of us - The fellowship of the unseen
Not in the silence only - Ever with thee
Not long, not long! The spirit-wasting fever - Rest
Not in thine anger, Lord - Psalm 6
Not thine, not thine, but THEE - Not thine, but thee!
Not to ourselves again - Not to self
Not what I am, O Lord, but what thou art! - The Love that Passeth Knowledge
Not what these hands have done
Now at the Father's side - Remember me
O blind, O blind in sin - Rise; he calleth thee
O everlasting Light - Christ is All
O Light of light, shine in! - The Cry of the Weary
O love invisible, yet infinite - Divine Love
O love of God, how strong and true - The Love of God
O love that casts out fear - The love of God
O mighty Breath of God - Hymn to the Holy Spirit
O safe at home, where the dark tempter roams not - Far Better
O strong to save and bless - Hear my Cry
O this soul, how dark and blind! - Confession
O ye of little faith - Doubt not
Oh help me o'er this river - Jesus, help!
Oh, oneness beyond all that words can tell! - One Body
On both sides is my anchor firmly cast - Faith and Hope
On the great love of God I lean - Love our resting-place
On thee, O Jesus, strongly leaning - Fellowship with Christ
One Christ we feed upon, one living Christ - Communion
Only one cross! - One Faith and Hope
Oppressed with noonday's scorching heat - The Shadow of the Cross
Out in the dew and cold he stands - The drops of the night
Out of darkness into light - The Light is Come
Peace! earth's last battle has been won - The kingdom
Peace upon peace, like wave on wave - Divine peace
Poor stranger, in the Master's name - The cup of cold water
Praise will I unto thee - Psalm 9
Praise ye the Lord, all things that be! - Praise
Praises to him who built the hills - Praise
Press up the hill! - Up the hill
Quickly bright life withers - For ever perfect
Refuse him not, O man! - Hear, and your souls shall live
Rejoice and be glad!
Rejoice, my soul, the Christ has come! - Christmas Cheer
Rejoice ye with Jerusalem!
Rest of all rests art thou - Our first and last
Rest, weary Son of God, and I, with thee
Rich in mercy, great in love - The Children's Cry
Risen Son of God, this day - The Light of the Risen One
Rock of the desert - The desert rock
Seamless and fair - Let us not rend it
Seeking thy lost ones here on earth - Lovest thou me?
Shall I never wash thy feet? - Thou shalt never wash my feet
Shall this life of mine be wasted? - Forward
Shine on, sweet sun, and let my day - Shine on
Shut in with God, as in his tent - Enter into thy Closet
Sinks the swift sun - The glory to be revealed
Soon this corruptible - Resurrection
Sore sick of sin, and longing to be free - I am poor and needy
Sounds the trumpet from afar! - The War Song of the Church
Speak, lips of mine! - Bless the Lord
Speak thou to me, O Son of God - Speak, for thy servant heareth
Sure anchor of the soul! - The Heavenly Anchor
Sure the record; Christ has come! - These are the true sayings of God
Sweet cup of sorrow
Sweet song of life! oh, sound again - The song of life
Take these things hence! - The purging of the temple
Teach me thy love, O gracious Son of God! - My life-long prayer
The angel has come down - The Foreglow
The Christ of God hath come - Made of a Woman
The Christ, the Son of God, hath died! - Jesus Christ our Lord
The cross, it standeth fast - Cross and throne
The cross stands firm - The same for ever
The crowd sweeps onward still - The Year's Last Moment
The gems of earth are still within - It doth not yet appear what we shall be
The love that passeth knowledge
The Master hath his word fulfilled - Pentecost
The Master saith, 'My time is now at hand' - The Master's voice
The night-shades have begun their flight - Jubilate
The old is better than the new - Truth's Ancestry
The Rock was smitten, and from it - They drank of that Rock
The Son of God descends - The Just for the Unjust
The Son of God, in mighty love - The Word made Flesh
The time is short! - Linger not
The tomb is empty: wouldst thou have it full - He is Risen
Thee in the loving bloom of morn - God in all, and all in God
Thee would we follow to the cross - Discipleship
There lies a land beyond these clouds - Strangers and pilgrims
They did not die! - Sleep in Jesus
They hear his voice! - The Shepherd's Voice
Thine and yet ours, O Lord! - My Cup
Thinner and thinner grows the veil - Beyond the mists
This is not my place of resting - Rest Yonder
This is the day of toil - Pressing on
Thou know'st my longings to be taught of thee - Who teacheth like him?
Thou must deny thyself - Deny thyself
Three hours the land was wrapped in gloom - The hidden cross
Through good report and evil, Lord - We follow thee
Thy thoughts are here, my God - The Book of God
Thy way, not mine, O Lord - Thy Way, not Mine
Thy works, not mine, O Christ - The Sin-Bearer
Thy yoke! All other yokes are hard - The yoke of the true Master
Till he come we own his name - The Supper and the Advent
Time's sun is fast setting - The night cometh
'Tis a dead world through which I walk - I am with thee
'Tis a sharp rugged hill, that seems to mock - To the Mark
'Tis only for a season - Only for a season
To have each day the thing I wish - The Better Will
To Jehovah, God of might - Glory to God
To my beloved ones my steps are moving - Homeward
To the name of God on high - Give glory
To thee, to thee alone, Lord, would I hearken - True thinking
To visit earth, O Master - "Leaving us an example"
True bread of life, in pitying mercy given - The True Bread
Trustingly, trustingly - My Pilgrimage
Under thy shadow
Up now, my soul, 'tis day! - Up, my Soul, 'tis Day!
Upon the Rock I plant my foot! - The eternal Rock
Upward, where the stars are burning - Upward
Victor of night! - The Victor
Watch, for ye know not when the Master cometh - Watching for the Master
We glory only in the cross - The true cross
We have heard the voice of trembling - Israel's song of hope
We leave now behind us - The Heavenward March
We take the peace which he has won - The gift of peace
We yield to death; the fight is lost - The last enemy
What! Know ye not - Know ye not?
When I shall wake on that fair morn of morns - The day of satisfaction
When it is well with thee before thy God - Intercession
When the leaves of life are falling - The comfort of the Holy Ghost
Where the faded flower shall freshen - The meeting-place
Who touched me? - Luke 8,45
Why walk in darkness? Has the dear light vanished - Why Walk in Darkness?
With thanks we closed the year - New Year's thanksgiving
Ye know not what ye ask!
Ye virgins, gird your loins! - "Behold, the Bridegroom Cometh"
Yes, for me, for me he careth - The elder brother