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Hymn score of: Jesus, thy love alone - Thee, Only Thee (Horatius Bonar/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

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Jesus, thy love alone - Thee, Only Thee (Horatius Bonar/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Thee, Only Thee.

1. Jesus, thy love alone, alone thy love
  refresheth me;
and for that love of thine, that freshening love,
  I come to thee. (PDF - Midi)

2. It is thy cross alone, alone thy cross
  that healeth me;
and for that cross of thine, that healing cross,
  I come to thee.

3. It is thy blood alone, alone thy blood
  that cleanseth me;
and for that blood of thine, that cleansing blood,
  I come to thee.

4. It is thy death alone, alone thy death
  that quickeneth me;
and for that death of thine, that quickening death.
  I come to thee.

5. It is thy life alone, alone thy life
  that saveth me;
and for that life of thine, that saving life,
  I come to thee.

6. It is thy strength alone, alone thy strength
  that strengthens me;
and for that strength of thine, that strengthening strength,
  I come to thee.

7. It is thy joy alone, alone thy joy
  that gladdens me;
and for that joy of thine, that gladdening joy,
  I come to thee.

8. It is thy light alone, alone thy light
  that cheereth me;
and for that light of thine, that cheering light,
  I come to thee.

9. Jesus, thy grace alone, alone thy grace
  sufficeth me;
and for that grace, that all-sufficing grace,
  I come to thee.

10. Saviour 'tis thou thyself, alone thyself
  art all to me;
and for that all, of everything I need,
  I come to thee.

Horatius Bonar, Songs of Love and Joy 5.

            PDF - Midi