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Hymn score of: Love not the world! (Horatius Bonar/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 473

Love not the world! (Horatius Bonar/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Love not the world.

1. Love not the world!
  What is there here to love?
That which is loveable is not of earth
  fix thou thine eyes above. PDF - Midi

2. The face of time
  is never in one stay;
the beauty of this fascinating world
  endureth but a day.

3. Of things below
  the best is but a lie;
the blossoms of the spring and childhood's buds
  must fade, and fall, and die.

4. The beautiful,
  all bright, and fresh, and gay,
may pass, like sun-gleam through a broken cloud,
  across thy untried way.

5. Be not deceived!
  Through all this earthly air
a hellish poison pours its deadliness:
  the plague of sin is there.

6. And who shall heal
  or disinfect this air?
Who disenchant it of the pleasant spell,
  or break the unseen snare?

7. Be not deceived!
  Into each human vein
sin penetrates, and we with opiates seek
  to soothe the subtle pain.

8. It dims the eye,
  it dulls the inner ear;
it dazzles, and it darkens, and it blinds,
  it worketh awe and fear.

9. It worketh wrath,
  and woe, and want, and doom;
it leads us darkly to the second death,
  the everlasting tomb.

10. Love not the world,
  its dreams, its songs, its lies!
They who have followed in its train are not
  the true, and good, and wise.

11. The wise and good,
  they chose the better part;
to the true world that is to come, thy gave
  the true and single heart.

12. Love not the world!
  He in whose heart the love
of vanity has found a place, shuts out
  th' enduring world above.

13. Love not the world,
  however fair it seem!
Who loveth this fond world, the love of God
  abideth not in him.

14 That heart of thine
  for God, thy God, was made:
who loves this God of love, he only lives;
  who loveth not, is dead.

15. Though this wide earth,
  with all its love and gold,
were his, yet still he liveth not whose heart
  to God is sealed and cold.

16. Seek not the world!
  'Tis a vain show at best;
bow not before its idol-shrine; in God
  find thou thy joy and rest.

Horatius Bonar, Hymns of Faith and Hope III, 1878, 68-71.

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