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Hymn score of: I lay up treasure in the heavens - The Eternal Work (Horatius Bonar/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 527

I lay up treasure in the heavens - The Eternal Work
(Horatius Bonar/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

The Eternal Work.

Vitae melioris in usum.

1. I lay up treasure in the heavens;
  my gold accumulates and grows.
I hoard, but not on earth; my wealth
  before me daily goes. PDF - Midi

2. My hands, my lips, each power within,
  I fain would educate for heaven.
Here is the school where we are trained,
  and here the lessons given.

3. I shall not die at death, nor shall
  my past of life all useless be:
these powers within me, lodged by God,
  are for eternity.

4. This is the seed-time, here the seed;
  I pass into the soil and spring;
but far above me, out of sight,
  is the bright blossoming.

5. 'Tis for eternity I read,
  and do, and think, and study here;
pruning and purging every branch,
  that it may fruitage bear.

6. Not leaves without the fruit, nor yet
  fruit without leaves; but side by side,
the leaf and fruit; and both through him
  in whom I here abide.

7. What God hath given me, that I count
  too precious and too great to lose;
and all I have I treasure up
  for everlasting use.

8. My little garden-plot of life,
  though poor, must all be duly tilled;
its future is a vast unknown,
  and I must see it filled.

9. I work that I may fitted be
  for more than angel's work above;
when of this life's strange mystery
  the meaning I shall prove.

10. By earthly discipline and toil
  I sharpen these my blunted powers,
for nobler work awaiting them
  in vaster fields than ours.

11. For I have other fields above
  to reap, when autumns here are done;
and so my sickle would I whet
  for harvests yet unknown.

12. And all this discipline of time,
  the pain, the weariness, the strife,
tells on my endless usefulness
  in the unmeasured life.

13. What here I learn will one day tell;
  what I shall reap I now must sow;
and nothing shall be lost of all
  this varied life below.

14. A higher and more useful life
  above, shall mine for ever be;
and all that I have learned on earth
  shall then be used for thee.

15. In higher service shall I then
  these renovated powers employ;
work without weariness be mine,
  and everlasting joy.

Horatius Bonar, The Song of the New Creation, 1872, 41-43.

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