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Hymn score of: The time is short! - Linger not (Horatius Bonar/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 600

The time is short! - Linger not
(Horatius Bonar/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Linger not.

1. The time is short!
  If thou wouldst work for God, it must be now, –
  if thou wouldst win the garland for thy brow, –
redeem the time. (PDF - Midi)

2. Shake off earth's sloth!
  Go forth with staff in hand while yet 'tis day,
  set out with girded loins upon thy way, –
up, linger not!

3. Fold not thy hands!
  What has the pilgrim of the cross and crown
  to do with luxury or couch of down? –
On, pilgrim, on!

4. Sheathe not the sword!
  The battle lies before thee, and the prize
  hangs yonder, far above these earthly skies;
fight the good fight!

5. Life ebbs apace!
  Fast crumbles down this house of mortal clay;
  fling not, like dust, thy precious hours away:
the end is near.

6. Faint not, O man!
  Follow the Master through the noble strife,
  pursue his footsteps till they end in life:
be strong in him.

7. With his reward
  he comes, he tarries not, his day is near;
  when men look least for him will he be here:
prepare for him.

8. Let not the flood
  sweep thy firm feet from the eternal rock;
  face calmly, solemnly, the billow's shock;
nor fear the storm.

9. Withstand the foe;
  die daily, that for ever thou mayst live:
  be faithful unto death; thy Lord will give
the crown of life.

Horatius Bonar, The Song of the New Creation, 1872, 160-161.

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