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Hymn score of: Oh! the joy of the salvation - The endless song (John Nelson Darby/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 694

Oh! the joy of the salvation - The endless song
(John Nelson Darby/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

The endless song.


1. Oh! the joy of the salvation
  we possess around the throne!
Countless thoughts of admiration,
  mingling, leave that joy but one. (PDF - Midi)

2. Hark! Ten thousand voices crying
  "Lamb of God!" with one accord;
thousand thousand saints replying
  bursts at once the echoing chord.

3. Long, with free and glad devotion,
  universal praise prevails;
till, blessed fruit of deep emotion,
  voice by voice in silence fails.

4. Now, in wondrous adoration
  dwelling on his matchless love,
swayed with power of that salvation,
  silence fills the courts above.

5. Then, their richest thoughts unfolding,
  each to each, with joy divine
heavenly converse blissful holding,
  tells how bright his glories shine.

6. Some on God's high glories dwelling,
  brightly beaming in his face;
some his first-born greatness telling –
  ordering all things in their place:

7. These – of Godhead's counsels deep
  him th' Accomplisher proclaim;
these – how Jesus' self could weep,
  of Godhead's love the Witness came.

8. All on love surpassing rest,
  that clothed in flesh the great I AM;
till, from one heart, divinely pressed,
  bursts forth at length the loud exclaim –

9. "Praise the Lamb!" At once awaking,
  the gathered hosts their voices throng;
loud and wide – each tongue partaking –
  rolls renewed the endless song.

10. Grateful incense this, ascending,
  rises to the Father's throne;
every knee to Christ is bending;
  all the mind in heaven is one.

11. All the Father's counsels claiming
  equal honours to the Son;
all the Son's effulgence beaming –
  glory of his Father's throne.

12. By the Spirit all-pervading,
  radiant hosts unnumbered round,
breathing glory never-fading,
  echo back the blissful sound.

13 Joyful now the wide creation
  rests in undisturbed repose;
blessed in Jesus' full salvation,
  sorrow now nor thraldom knows.

14. Rich the streams of bounty flowing –
  common blessings from above,
life and holy joy, bestowing –
tell of God's unwearied love.

15. Hark! the heavenly notes again!
  Loudly swells the air-borne praise;
throughout creation's vault, "Amen!"
  "Amen!" responsive joy doth raise.

John Nelson Darby, Spiritual Songs, 7-9.

            PDF - Midi