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Hymn score of: Rise, my soul! to Heaven ascend - The link with Heaven (John S. B. Monsell/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 699

Rise, my soul! to Heaven ascend - The link with Heaven
(John S. B. Monsell/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

The link with Heaven.

Ascension Day.

Thou art gone up on high, thou hast led captivity captive, and received gifts for men; yea, even for thine enemies, that the Lord God might dwell among men. (Psalm 68,18)

1. Rise, my soul! to Heaven ascend,
  follow Christ, thy Lord and Friend,
he is gone into the skies,
  follow him with straining eyes.
Tho' he seems from thee to part,
  follow him with faithful heart;
sense may fail, and sight grow dim,
  faith alone can follow him. (PDF - Midi)

2. He hath fought and he hath won,
  he his glorious work hath done,
he is now gone up on high,
  captive leads captivity;
taking to the mercy-seat
  pierced hands and weary feet,
bleeding brow, and wounded side –
  thus returns the Crucified!

3. Heaven, tho' earth had made him mourn,
  stoops to welcome his return;
God's own chariots are at hand,
  twenty thousand near him stand,
thousand thousand angels wait
  lowly on his royal state,
backward angel hands have rolled
  for his entrance gates of gold.

4. Deep those glorious guards of light
  blush to see that shameful sight,
horrified at human sin,
  blush to let the Conqueror in;
him, th' Eternal One, the Holy,
  him, the Saviour meek and lowly,
stained with travail, tears, and toil,
  wounds! his only seeming spoil!

5. But therein his glory lies –
  mystery of mysteries!
That despoiled humanity,
  angels wondering weep to see,
is the great Redeemer's crown,
  which triumphant he lays down,
and before his Father's throne
  claims all nations as his own.

6. He – whose faintest sigh or thought
  legions had around him brought,
when on earth his petty foes
  in their wretched wrath arose –
comes not now for vengeance pleading,
  but for mercy interceding,
and, by his own grief and loss,
  pleads his prayer upon the cross.

7. Gifts, the best that Heaven can pour
  out of its exhaustless store,
hallowed days, and happy hours,
  kindly sunshine, gracious showers,
never more for souls to cease,
  till the blessedness of peace,
re-uniting sinful men,
  bring them back to God again; –

8. these he asks for, these obtains!
  these his glories! these his gains!
'twas for these his wounded feet
  hastened to the mercy-seat,
'tis for these that there he stands
  holding out his pierced hands,
earth to save, and Heaven to move,
  giving back for hatred love.

9. 'Headstone' of the wondrous plan!
  prefect God! and perfect man!
in th' ascended Saviour met,
  on the throne of judgment set,
mighty in his power to bless,
  mighty in his tenderness,
all that sinful souls can need,
  man to feel – and God to plead.

John S. B. Monsell, 'Spiritual Songs', 1864, 95-97.

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