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Hymn score of: Higher! higher to aspire! - Higher, higher (John S. B. Monsell/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 701

Higher! higher to aspire! - Higher, higher
(John S. B. Monsell/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Higher, higher.

1. Higher! higher to aspire!
  that is all my soul's desire,
nearer to the Light and Love
  in which saints and angels move,
nearer to the Glorious Throne,
  and to Him who sits thereon,
to perfection nigher, nigher
  to my Saviour, higher! higher! (PDF - Midi)

2. Higher! higher! every thought
  more into his presence brought!
every passion, every feeling,
  more his inner Life revealing,
less of self from hour to hour,
  more of faith's transforming power,
yearnings Heavenward that aspire
  unto Jesus, higher! higher!

3. Higher! higher! till at length
  passing on from strength to strength,
pressing up from grace to grace,
  I behold that longed-for Face,
which is daily o'er me leaning,
  with Its deep and tender meaning,
and doth into light retire,
  but to lead me higher! higher!

4. Higher, into Heavenly air,
  on the wings of Faith and Prayer,
let my aspirations rise,
  like the lark, into the skies,
singing, in her shade of light,
  not unheard, tho' out of sight,
upon wings, which never tire,
  rising ever higher! higher!

5. Higher! higher, Lord! the fire
  of my full, and fond desire,
mingled with thine altar flame,
  rising in thy sacred Name,
tho' by earth-winds tossed and driven,
  ever let it point to Heaven,
never, never to expire,
  till it lift me higher! higher!

6. Higher! higher on thro' life,
  more above its storm and strife;
every day I'm older growing,
  less of earth's distractions knowing,
with a purer, freer heart,
  ready – at thy call – to part
from its dearest ties, and nigher
  rise to Jesus – higher! higher!

John S. B. Monsell, 'Spiritual Songs', 1864, 154-155.

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