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Hymn score of: O mighty Breath of God - Hymn to the Holy Spirit (Horatius Bonar/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 761

O mighty Breath of God - Hymn to the Holy Spirit
(Horatius Bonar/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Hymn to the Holy Spirit.

1. O mighty Breath of God,
  Spirit of love and light,
thyself the mighty God,
  reveal thine arm this night! (PDF - Midi)

2. From the four winds of heaven,
  come, come in mighty power;
breathe, breathe upon the slain;
  breathe in this solemn hour!

3. The human heart is strong,
  but stronger still thou art:
subdue each rebel will;
  take captive every heart.

4. Arrest the wanderer,
  light up the gloomy soul,
lift up the bowèd down,
  and make the wounded whole.

5. Quicken the dead in sin
  with thy life-giving breath;
bring from sin's deepest grave
  the prisoners of death.

6. Speak to a heedless world,
  speak the convincing word;
lift up thy voice on high;
  unsheathe thy two-edged sword.

7. Bring low the proud and vain;
  let none thy stroke withstand;
break through the gates of brass,
  the bars of iron rend.

8. Unveil the saving cross
  to the lost sons of men;
reveal the covenant blood,
  that cleanseth every stain.

9. Thou comest like the wind;
  we only hear the sound,
but know not whence it comes,
  nor whither it is bound.

10. O strong and heavenly Wind,
  who breathest not in vain,
breathe on the bones of death;
  oh, breathe upon these slain!

11. Awake, O north Wind, come;
  O south Wind, gently blow
upon these fields, till at thy touch
  its sweetest spices flow!

12. O mighty Spirit, come,
  come from the throne above,
come in the fulness of thy power,
  and visit us in love!

13. Like the seven lamps on fire
  burning before the throne,
oh, shine and burn, thou heavenly Flame,
  an everlasting sun!

14. Spirit of holiness,
  thy purity impart;
give holy power, give holy peace,
  to every troubled heart!

Horatius Bonar, "Until the Day break", 1890, 89-92.

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