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Hymn score of: The Master saith, 'My time is now at hand' - The Master's voice (Horatius Bonar/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 857

The Master saith, 'My time is now at hand' - The Master's voice
(Horatius Bonar/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

The Master's voice.

1. The Master saith, 'My time is now at hand:'
  we hear his words, and we at once obey.
Prepare the feast, is his divine command;
  thus we prepare the board, and feast with him today.
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2. Prepare. O Master, these dull hearts of ours
  for this thy feast, else all in vain is spread;
prepare our hearts, that with new-quickened powers
  we may converse with thee, and eat the blessed bread.

3. The Master saith, 'Be ready, for I come;'
  we hear his warning voice, and we prepare.
It is a voice which bids us hasten home,
  which bids us rise from earth to meet him in the air.

4. O Master, we have heard thy loving voice;
  rouse our cold spirits with thy solemn word:
Say, 'It is I,' and bid our souls rejoice;
  fit us for meeting thee, our long, long absent Lord.

5. These sounds of earth the heavenly voices drown,
  we scarce can hear thee through this daily din:
oh, speak in yet more penetrating tone;
  let thy voice reach our ears, and thy words enter in.

6. Let discords die away, and let us hear
  the melody beyond of joy and love;
silence the jar of earth, and let our ear
  take in the far-off notes descending from above

7. But not the world alone, with its rude noise,
  absorbs the heavenly melody beyond:
the church of God, raising her angry voice,
  in the ambitious brawl drowns every holy sound.

8. Once thou didst put aside the sword, and say,
  'It is enough;' oh, speak that word again:
curb the self-will, the pride and strife allay;
  the noise of scornful words and carnal wrath restrain.

9. Her Babel-voices soon will silence thine;
  thou must withdraw, and speak to her no more.
Oh, how unlike the unity divine,
  that marked her early days, – the days of love and power!

10. The tempest is within her; untamed wills
  have stirred its fury. Is the Master dumb?
To him we cry, who the wild tempest stills;
  'tis the fourth watch of night, and yet thou art not come!

11. Carest thou not that we are perishing?
  Awake, O Lord, speak louder than the wave:
with thine own kingly touch the calmness bring;
  say, Peace be still; arise, thy broken church to save.

12. Let not her worldliness and strife and sin
  provoke thy Spirit to return no more;
and if she must be wrecked, let all within,
  though in strange ways and divers, find the holy shore.

Horatius Bonar, The Song of the New Creation, 1872, 103-105.

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