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Hymn score of: Peace, be still - Be still! (Meta Heusser-Schweizer/Jane Laurie Borthwick/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 1855

Peace, be still - Be still!
(Meta Heusser-Schweizer/Jane Laurie Borthwick/
Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Be still!

      1. Peace, be still,
 through the night of grief or pain!
meekly bow, nor strive in vain;
 let thy God do what he will, –
      peace, be still! PDF - Midi

      2. Peace, be still!
 Vain are plans and words of thine
to unfold thy life's design;
 God's own voice explains his will –
      peace, be still!

      3. Be thou still!
 If in love the Father chide,
cling the closer to his side;
 let him chasten as he will, –
      be thou still!

      4. Be thou still!
 Let the great Physician deal
with thy case, to wound or heal;
 trust his never-failing skill, –
      be thou still!

      5. Lord, my God,
 grant me quiet, trusting faith!
Point my way through life and death
 with thy sceptre, or thy rod,
      Lord, my God!

      6. Lead me on,
 Lord, my Shepherd! feed, uphold,
guide the weak one of thy fold;
 till the night be past and gone,
      lead me on!

H.L.L., alias Jane Laurie Borthwick, Alpine Lyrics, ca. 1874, 94-95.
Translated from the German Schweige still - Sei still! of Meta Heusser-Schweizer.

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