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Hymn score of: I must go hence, – here there is nought abiding - Theodora (Meta Heusser-Schweizer/Jane Laurie Borthwick/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 1963

I must go hence, – here there is nought abiding - Theodora (Meta Heusser-Schweizer/Jane Laurie Borthwick/
Johannes Thomas Rüegg)


† 1822

1. I must go hence, – here there is nought abiding, –
  my eyes have gazed and questioned all around;
in all the charms of earth no lasting portion,
  no home for me, no resting-place I found. PDF - Midi

2. I must go hence, – the pale night violet closes
  its fragrant petals at the dawn of day, –
the nightingale is silent – through the valley
  the streamlet to the ocean hastes away; –

3. I must go too, – my trial-days are over;
  where I am going there is no more pain;
no cold, rude grasp, shall crush the heart's affection,
  the wounds of earth shall all be healed again.

4. I must go hence, – while others joy in spring-time,
  the early autumn of my life has come;
the early ripe must be the early gathered,  –
  come, reaper-angels, bear me safely home!

5. Yes, I go home; – on my brief pilgrim journey
  no bridal wreath for me let Love prepare;
yet in the distance I behold one gleaming, –
  a wreath of amaranth, more pure and fair!

6. I must go home, – why are ye sadly weeping?
  I was not made for toil and conflict; why
should your true hearts, kind friends, be sad and troubled,
  because a drooping flower must fade and die?

7. I must go home, – a strange and lonely journey,
  through Death's dark valley; but I see afar
beyond the gloom, a beacon light is shining,
  the guiding rays of Mercy's morning star.

8. I must go home, – O Saviour! thou hast spoken
  peace to my heart; I come at thy command!
Thou too hast died; but thou hast life eternal,
  and my soul's life is safe within thy hand.

9. The hour has come, – oh, I am weary, weary!
  Are there not angel-voices in the air?
Heaven's gates unfold, in peace my eyes are closing;
  I shall awake in joy and safety there!

H.L.L., alias Jane Laurie Borthwick, Alpine Lyrics, ca. 1874, 25-27.
Translated from the German Ich gehe fort, – hier hab ich keine Stätte - Theodora of Meta Heusser-Schweizer.
Theodora was a much beloved younger sister of Meta, who had died in 1822.

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