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Hymn score of: O Christ, my Life, my Saviour - Hymn (Meta Heusser-Schweizer/Jane Laurie Borthwick/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 1967

O Christ, my Life, my Saviour - Hymn
(Meta Heusser-Schweizer/Jane Laurie Borthwick/
Johannes Thomas Rüegg)


Written for the Zurich hymn-book.

1. O Christ, my Life, my Saviour,
  my Comforter alone!
In life or death, for ever
  I would be still thine own.
    For ever I am thine,
  O thou my soul's Redeemer!
  O thou my soul's Redeemer,
    for ever thou art mine! PDF - Midi

2. Thou didst go forth, to save us,
  strong in Love's silent might,
through all the hosts of Satan,
  down into Death's dark night;
    then, Conqueror of the grave,
  thou camest back victorious!
  Thou camest back victorious,
    mighty a world to save!

3. Now all thy saints departed,
  from sin and death set free,
sing of thy bitter sorrows,
  thy glorious majesty.
    My soul would join their lays,
  and swell the joyful chorus,
  and swell the joyful chorus
    to her Redeemer's praise.

4. Though all of hope and promise
  on earth may pass away,
One source of joy unfailing
  shall ever with me stay; –
    Christ lives, my portion sure!
  let what is mortal perish!
  Let what is mortal perish, –
    my treasures are secure!

5. Thou art my Life eternal,
  my Sun in darkest hour; –
my joy shall be for ever
  to sing thy love and power,
    here, amid foes and fears,
  and soon in peace and safety,
  and soon in peace and safety
    through long eternal years.

6. Yes, soon the weary pilgrim
  shall reach the land of rest,
to praise thee, my Redeemer,
  with all the ransomed blessed.
    Draw me, Lord, speedily!
  how gladly shall I hasten!
  How gladly shall I hasten, –
    the journey ends with thee!

H.L.L., alias Jane Laurie Borthwick, Alpine Lyrics, ca. 1874, 69-71. Repetitions added.
Translated from the German O Jesus Christ, mein Leben of Meta Heusser-Schweizer.

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