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Hymn score of: Pour out all your heart in praises - Rejoice in the Lord always (Carl Johann Philipp Spitta/Richard Massie/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 122

Pour out all your heart in praises - Rejoice in the Lord always
(Carl Johann Philipp Spitta/Richard Massie/ Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Rejoice in the Lord always.

1. Pour out all your heart in praises,
  in the Lord rejoice always;
exercise your gifts and graces,
  tune to him your sweetest lays.
Shall such precious gifts be wasted?
Shall his goodness be untasted?
  Joy like that which he bestows
  is a joy which overflows. PDF - Midi

2. He it is, who joy and gladness
  brought again to this poor earth,
after all the woe and sadness
  whereto sin has given birth.
In this barren waste how precious
are the waters which refresh us!
  Come, obey the gracious call,
  from this well-spring drink ye all!

3. Can ye hear unmoved the story
  of the Saviour's lowly birth,
which the angels, bright with glory,
  brought that blessed night to earth?
While angelic hosts are singing
at the news which they are bringing,
  can your hearts unmoved remain,
  as tho' all had been in vain?

4. While Jerusalem rejoices
  that her King has to her come,
shall alone your hearts and voices
  still be lifeless, cold, and dumb?
While the people palms are bringing,
and hosannas loudly singing,
  will you dull and mournful stand,
  bearing nothing in your hand?

5. See the patience uncomplaining,
  see the love of God's dear Son!
Is there anything remaining,
  which for you he hath not done?
That your joy may be o'erflowing,
hath he shrunk from undergoing
  bitter anguish, shame, and loss,
  and e'en death upon the cross?

6. Is he not triumphant risen
  from the gloomy grave's dark night?
Hath he not burst through his prison,
  to procure us life and light?
Lives he not, that he may gladden
hearts which sin and sorrow sadden?
  To the mourner, "Lo!" he saith,
  "weep not; I have conquered death."

7. To bestow on us salvation,
  he ascends his Father's throne;
songs are heard of exultation
  wheresoe'er his name is known.
Conquering and to conquer goeth
Jesus forth, till he o'erthroweth
  all his foes beneath his feet,
  to await his judgment-seat.

8. O what joys shall be their dowry,
  who have loved and known him here,
when they see him in his glory
  in the clouds of heaven appear;
sweetly will he then reward them
with the joys he hath prepared them,
  welcoming and leading them
  to the New Jerusalem.

9. Day no more shall be succeeded
  by the gloomy shades of night;
sun and moon shall not be needed,
  for the Lamb shall be their Light.
In his brightness shall they wander,
full of joy and rapture yonder,
  gazing on the glory there,
  which they shall forever share.

10. And all this is your possession,
  thro' the love of Jesus Christ,
who himself for your transgression
  freely gave and sacrificed.
And will you, by cold behaviour,
grieve so kind and true a Saviour?
  Will you stand unmoved, as though
  nothing to his love you owe?

11. Banish such unworthy sadness,
  ye redeemèd of the Lord;
testify your joy and gladness
  by sweet song and tuneful chord.
Bring him, while on earth yet living,
sacrifices of thanksgiving;
  thus prepared, in heaven shall ye
  praise him through eternity.

Richard Massie, Lyra Domestica II, 1863, 14-17.
Translated from the German Freut im Herrn euch allewege - Freuet euch in dem Herrn allewege
of Carl Johann Philipp Spitta.

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