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Hymn score of: Spirit, by whose operation - The Spirit of the Fathers (Carl Johann Philipp Spitta/Richard Massie/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 134

Spirit, by whose operation - The Spirit of the Fathers
(Carl Johann Philipp Spitta/Richard Massie/
Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

The Spirit of the Fathers.

1. Spirit, by whose operation
  faith and holiness proceed,
source of heavenly conversation,
  strength in weakness, help in need!
Spirit, by whose inspiration
  prophets and apostles spake,
martyrs bled, and tribulation
  saints endured for Jesus' sake! PDF - Midi

2. Lord, endue us with thy blessing,
  that, though babes we be in grace,
faith, and love, and zeal possessing
  for thy house and holy place,
we may stake our dearest treasures,
  all the good things of this life,
honour, wealth, and darling pleasures,
  in the great and holy strife.

3. Give us Abram's faith unshaken
  that the promise must be true,
and what God hath undertaken
  he assuredly will do;
which not only could unmovéd
  trust the covenant of grace,
but the thing which he most lovéd
  at the Lord's disposal place.

4. Give us Joseph's chaste behaviour,
  when the world with crafty wiles
seeks to draw us from the Saviour
  to herself, with frowns or smiles;
give us grace and strength for shunning
  this ensnaring Potiphar,
wisdom to elude her cunning,
  strength her open hate to bear.

5. Give us Moses' intercession,
  when he pleaded, wept, and prayed,
that the people's sore transgression
  might not to their charge be laid.
Let us not with selfish coldness
  see the sinner go astray,
but with Moses' holy boldness
  plead and wrestle, weep and pray.

6. Give us David's bold defiance
  of the Lord's and Israel's foes,
and, in trouble, the reliance,
  which on God, his Rock, he shows;
his right princely disposition,
  friendship, constancy, and truth,
but still more his deep contrition
  for the errors of his youth.

7. Arm us with the stern decision
  of Elijah, in these days,
when men, led by superstition,
  to false gods new altars raise.
Let us shun the mere profession
  common in our days and land,
witnessing a good confession,
  even if alone we stand.

8. Give us the Apostles' daring,
  and their bold undaunted mood,
threats and fierce reproaches bearing,
  to proclaim a Saviour's blood.
Let us to the truth bear witness,
  which alone can make us free,
nor leave off, until its sweetness
  all shall taste and know through thee.

9. Give us Stephen's look collected,
  and his calm and cheerful mind,
when we meet with unexpected
  trials of the sharpest kind.
In the midst of shouts and crying,
  let us with composure stand;
open heaven to us in dying,
  show us Christ at God's right hand.

10. Spirit, by whose operation
  faith and love and might are given,
source of holy conversation,
  bearing seed and fruit for heaven;
Spirit, by whose inspiration
  prophets and apostles spake,
visit us with thy salvation,
  dwell with us for Jesus' sake.

Richard Massie, Lyra Domestica I, 1863, 30-32.
Translated from the German Geist des Glaubens, Geist der Stärke - Der Geist der Väter
of Carl Johann Philipp Spitta.

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