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1401 - 1410
1401. I love the sacred book of God (Kelly)
1402. Precious volume! what thou doest (Kelly)
1403. Salvation is of God alone (Kelly)
1404. Glory to God above (Kelly)
1405. Sing of him who gives us (Kelly)
1406. Now praise we, and bless we, the Lord (Kelly)
1407. Half a wreck, by tempests driven (Kelly)
1408. The battle is the Lord's (Kelly)
1409. Is the Lord among us? (Kelly)
1410. Unfold, O Lord, to us unfold (Kelly)
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1411 - 1420
1411. The heavens declare thy glory, Lord! (Kelly)
1412. Oh, how wondrous is the story! (More)
1413. Fröhlich soll mein Herze springen (Paul Gerhardt)
All my heart this night rejoices - A Song of Joy at Dawn (Gerhardt/Winkworth)
1414. We sing to thee, Immanuel (Gerhardt/Cox)
1415. No strength have I, no strength at all (Kelly)
1416. 'Twas he who made the world that said (Kelly)
1417. In him, whose presence gladdens heaven (Kelly)
1418. Come hither, ye faithful (Caswall)
1419. Our Father sits on yonder throne (Kelly)
1420. Ye who know the Lord, draw nigh (Kelly)
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1421 - 1430
1421. To him who washed them in his blood (Kelly)
1422. Good and faithful are thy words (Kelly)
1423. Nothing but the purest grace (Kelly)
1424. If I had wings, then would I go (Kelly)
1425. There's not a name beneath the skies (Kelly)
1426. Ours is a pardon bought with blood (Kelly)
1427. Let all who name his blessed name (Kelly)
1428. Why those fears? behold 'tis Jesus (Kelly)
1429. We have not seen the Saviour's face (Kelly)
1430. Jesus gives his people freedom (Kelly)
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1431 - 1440
1431. Jesus is the Lord's anointed (Kelly)
1432. Behold the man! how glorious he! (Kelly)
1433. Saviour, through the desert lead us (Kelly)
1434. My Father knows my feeble frame (Kelly)
1435. Say, who they are who have believed (Kelly)
1436. We need not be ashamed to own (Kelly)
1437. Much there is to turn us (Kelly)
1438. Mine was a hopeless case (Kelly)
1439. Grace is the sweetest sound (Kelly)
1440. A land I know there is (Kelly)
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1441 - 1450
1441. Sweet were the sounds that reached our ears - Sweet sounds (Kelly)
1442. 'Tis sweet to know the sacred name (Kelly)
1443. Jesus leaves his throne of glory (Kelly)
1444. Who shall condemn the Lord's elect? (Kelly)
1445. In trouble, Lord, I sought thy face (Kelly)
1446. Yes! "the Lord is good", I know it - The Lord is good (Kelly)
1447. If belovèd, why belovèd? (Kelly)
1448. Fruit we have of God's election (Kelly)
1449. Halt im Gedächtnis Jesum Christ - Aufsehend auf Jesum (Günther)
Bear Jesus Christ the Lord in mind - Looking unto Jesus (Günther/Cox)
1450. As a lamb led forth to slaughter (Kelly)
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