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Hymns by number / Lieder nach Nummern: 1901 - 1950

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1901 - 1910
1901. Jauchzt, ihr Erlösten dem Herrn; Er hat sein Werk vollendet - Auf die Himmelfahrt des Erlösers (Gellert)
Priser genløste vor Gud! vor frelsning han fuldendte! - På Kristi himmelfart (Gellert/Heilmann)
1902. We're bound for yonder land (Kelly)
1903. Dies ist der Tag, den Gott gemacht - Weihnachtslied (Gellert)
Det er den dag, som Gud har skabt - Jule-Sang (Gellert/Heilmann)
1904. Hope is the anchor of the soul (Kelly)
1905. Lord, we plead thy promise given (Kelly)
1906. Come, O Lord, the heavens rending (Kelly)
1907. Jesus, the Shepherd of the sheep (Kelly)
1908. Jesus is the Lord my Shepherd (Kelly)
1909. This is, of a truth, the Prophet (Kelly)
1910. While I wandered, Jesus sought me (Kelly)
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1911 - 1920
1911. We'll sing of the Shepherd that died (Kelly)
1912. There is a family on earth (Kelly)
1913. Shepherd of the chosen number (Kelly)
1914. 'Tis to thee we owe allegiance (Kelly)
1915. Jesus, we hail thee Israel's King (Kelly)
1916. The Saviour leads his people on (Kelly)
1917. Spared a little longer (Kelly)
1918. Courage, ye who fighting are (Kelly)
1919. Yes, "the battle is the Lord's" (Kelly)
1920. Arise, ye saints, arise (Kelly)
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1921 - 1930
1921. O Israel to thy tents repair (Kelly)
1922. Blessed fountain, full of grace! (Kelly)
1923. He who saved us when assaulted (Kelly)
1924. Christians an arduous fight maintain (Kelly)
1925. Hark, 'tis a martial sound! (Kelly)
1926. Many foes our march opposing (Kelly)
1927. Had David done as Saul advised (Kelly)
1928. Joyful let us raise our voices (Kelly)
1929. Glory to God on high! (Kelly)
1930. Beloved associates in the strife (Kelly)
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1931 - 1940
1931. Angels heard with admiration (Kelly)
1932. To God, my Saviour, praise is due (Kelly)
1933. To him that sits upon the throne (Kelly)
1934. He whom all the prophets told of (Kelly)
1935. To him alone, whose name is love (Kelly)
1936. Exalt the name of him who bore (Kelly)
1937. Sing the Saviour's praises (Kelly)
1938. Praise the God of our salvation (Kelly)
1939. Endless praises (Kelly)
1940. Now raise a solemn, cheerful strain (Kelly)
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1941 - 1950
1941. Sing, sing his lofty praise (Kelly)
1942. Glory be to him who saved us (Kelly)
1943. To Israel's God let praise be given (Kelly)
1944. Base among the base (Kelly)
1945. Deal gently with thy servant, Lord (Kelly)
1946. Lord, let the people of thy love (Kelly)
1947. Now may the Spirit's power be felt (Kelly)
1948. Send thy Spirit, Lord, from heaven (Kelly)
1949. "The Spirit of the Truth" is he (Kelly)
1950. Thy precious gift, O Lord, impart (Kelly)
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