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1301 - 1310
1301. Saviour, this is what I ask (Kelly)
1302. In our Lord we have redemption (Kelly)
1303. Hark! the solemn trumpet sounding (Kelly)
1304. Unknown by men, the Christian lives (Kelly)
1305. Ground of my hope, the Cross appears! (Kelly)
1306. To whom should those in trouble flee? (Kelly)
1307. He comes! the Saviour full of grace (Kelly)
1308. 'Twas a conflict while it lasted (Kelly)
1309. What should keep me from the cross? (Kelly)
1310. Having nothing, yet possessing all things (Kelly)
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1311 - 1320
1311. Many perils, many crosses (Kelly)
1312. The God himself, who reigns on high (Kelly)
1313. Praises more than we can render (Kelly)
1314. We sing of him, and so we should (Kelly)
1315. Sing of him, who left a throne (Kelly)
1316. Come praise the Lord, exalt his name (Kelly)
1317. Sing of him who came to save us (Kelly)
1318. Sing of him who bore our guilt (Kelly)
1319. Ye saints, come and join in the praise of the Lamb - Worthy is the Lamb (Kelly)
1320. We sing of him who came from heav'n (Kelly)
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1321 - 1330
1321. To heaven's eternal King (Kelly)
1322. Jesus gave his life, to save us (Kelly)
1323. Of Jesus we'll sing (Kelly)
1324. Saviour, 'tis to thee (Kelly)
1325. 'Tis meet that we should humbled be (Kelly)
1326. The Lord, "the only wise", is he (Kelly)
1327. Come and let us praise our King! (Kelly)
1328. How pleasant is the sound of praise! (Kelly)
1329. Now let us all together sing (Kelly)
1330. What love, what pleasure, what surprise (Kelly)
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1331 - 1340
1331. Gracious Lord, my heart is fixèd (Kelly)
1332. O had I the wings of a dove (Kelly)
1333. What tongue can tell, what fancy paint (Kelly)
1334. It has not fully yet appeared (Kelly)
1335. See the saints in heaven appearing (Kelly)
1336. What pleasure there is in expecting the season (Kelly)
1337. Jesus soon will come to bless us (Kelly)
1338. Yes, the Lord no more is found (Kelly)
1339. Whence those unusual bursts of joy (Kelly)
1340. See where the Lord his glory spreads (Kelly)
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1341 - 1350
1341. The Lord is risen indeed (Kelly)
1342. Rejoice, the Lord is risen (Kelly)
1343. He's gone! see where his body lay (Kelly)
1344. To the cross, away, away! (Kelly)
1345. 'Twas a dark and fearful hour (Kelly)
1346. Whence those sounds symphonious (Kelly)
1347. King of kings, and Lord of lords! (Kelly)
1348. Hark the notes of angels singing (Kelly)
1349. For whom is yonder crown prepared (Kelly)
1350. We'll sing in spite of scorn (Kelly)
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