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1101 - 1110
1101. "Good courage"! Good success! - "Songs in the Night" (Burlingham)
1102. Thy death – Lord Jesus! Death wherein we died - "Until He Come" (Burlingham)
1103. Wondrous is the simple story - The Death of Christ (Burlingham)
1104. 'Tis not far off – the hour - Waiting for Christ (Burlingham)
1105. The clouds that gather overhead - Have Faith in God (Burlingham)
1106. My Saviour! I can think of thee - Suffering and Rest (Burlingham)
1107. Lord Jesus, 'tis exceeding gain - Apart (Burlingham)
1108. Thou art our refuge, O Eternal God - Thou art our refuge (Burlingham)
1109. O blessèd Lord! we own in all our sorrow - Thou drewest near (Burlingham)
1110. Lord Jesus Christ, in glorious worth made known - The Father Loveth the Son (Burlingham)
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1111 - 1120
1111. Oh, make me, Jesus, Saviour - With the Lowly is Wisdom (Burlingham)
1112. There is a land where troubles never come - The Promised Land (Burlingham)
1113. The Father sent the Son - The Sent One (Burlingham)
1114. The Saviour, Jesus, left the skies - Jesus, The Saviour (Burlingham)
1115. Oh Saviour, whom this holy morn - Christmas Day (Heber)
1116. Oh, Jesus! ever present Friend - Going Out and Coming In (Burlingham)
1117. There's one sweet day the Christian heart holds dear - The Lord's Day (Burlingham)
1118. Oh wondrous City: pure, translucent gold! - The Holy City – The New Jerusalem (Burlingham)
1119. Alas for the city, deserted and lonely - A Lament (Burlingham)
1120. Death, the Grave, and Resurrection - In the Hill Country of Judah (Burlingham)
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1121 - 1130
1121. Hark! hark! hark! - There's Room for Thee! (Burlingham)
1122. "Jesus" was written broadly on the cross - The Writing on the Cross (Burlingham)
1123. Let us sing, for we have reason (Kelly)
1124. Yes, I love the name that is (Kelly)
1125. To see the Saviour as he is (Kelly)
1126. Ye must suffer ere ye serve - "Lord, what wilt Thou have Me to Do?" (Burlingham)
1127. With heav'n in view, we tread the path (Kelly)
1128. Beyond the world a city stands (Kelly)
1129. Is not this a brand (Kelly)
1130. Ach mein Herr Jesu, dein Nahesein (Gregor)
Ah, Jesus Lord, thou art near to me - We will we glad and rejoice in thee (Gregor/Burlingham)
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1131 - 1140
1131. It is not we who can direct (Kelly)
1132. On the Lord depending - "Wait on the Lord" (Burlingham)
1133. The trumpet shall sound (Kelly)
1134. Wir warten dein, o Gottes Sohn (Hiller)
We wait for thee, O Son of God - The Day of Glory (Hiller/Burlingham)
1135. The earth was without form and void - "Let There Be Light" (Burlingham)
1136. As one to self-indulgence prone (Kelly)
1137. 'Tis Jesus in the sunshine - Jesus Only (Burlingham)
1138. From far I see the glorious day (Kelly)
1139. Oh Saviour, is thy promise fled? - Third Sunday in Advent (Heber)
1140. What is life? 'Tis but a vapour (Kelly)
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1141 - 1150
1141. In spirit, Lord, we dwell with thee above - His Table (Burlingham)
1142. Blessed, whom Jesus keeps (Kelly)
1143. 'Tis the last trumpet's voice (Kelly)
1144. Oh, can we be forgetful, Lord - "My Bow in the Cloud" (Burlingham)
1145. While in the world we still remain (Kelly)
1146. Things unseen engage us now (Kelly)
1147. The Lord of Might, from Sinai's brow - Sixth Sunday in Lent (Heber)
1148. Hope in Christ our Lord possessing (Kelly)
1149. Sing aloud to God, our strength (Kelly)
1150. Lord! whose love, in power excelling - Third Sunday after Epiphany (Heber)
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