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51 - 60
51. Woher kommt mir Hilfe in finsteren Nächten - Er wacht über mir (Rüegg)
52. Ist der Weg auch noch so lang - Ermunterung (Spitta)
Long and toilsome is the road - Encouragement (Spitta/Massie)
Er vor vej end nok så lang - Opmuntring (Spitta/Reventlow)
Är ock stigen mörk och lång - Uppmuntran (Spitta/Lundberg)
Zij de weg ook nog zo lang - Bemoediging (Spitta/Riemens)
53. Hark, my soul! it is the Lord - "Lovest thou me?" (Cowper)
54. Thou Lord of all, on earth hast dwelt (Tregelles)
55. Viele Stimmen, laute, leise - Einhörung (Rüegg)
56. Rest of the weary - Rest (Monsell)
57. Jesus, my Lord, 'tis sweet to rest (H. B.)
58. Through the love of God our Saviour - All is well (Bowley Peters)
59. Now I have found a friend - Jesus is mine (Hope)
60. Jesus, my Lord! my life! my all! (Medley)
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61 - 70
61. If I only have thee (Novalis/Bethune)
62. Long did I toil, and knew no earthly rest - I am his, and he is mine (Lyte)
63. Trembling before thine awful throne (Hillhouse)
64. How wondrous are the works of God (Hart)
65. Oppressed with noonday's scorching heat - The Shadow of the Cross (Bonar)
66. Seid mir gegrüßt, ihr grünen Schatten - Die Sprache der Natur (Heusser)
67. Just as thou art (Cook)
68. Hosanna to the Prince of light (Watts)
69. Jesus, how sweet thy memory is! (Bernard/Alexander)
70. See, the ransomed millions stand! (Conder)
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71 - 80
71. The atoning work is done (Kelly)
72. Where high the heavenly temple stands (Bruce)
73. The head that once was crowned with thorns (Kelly)
74. Alone with thee! Alone with thee! - Alone with Christ (Palmer)
75. Ich weiß, dass mein Erlöser lebet - Mein Erlöser lebt! (Heusser)
Yes! – my Redeemer lives, to save us - Yes! – my Redeemer lives (Heusser/Mills)
76. From every stormy wind that blows - The Mercy-seat (Stowell)
77. O holy Saviour! Friend unseen! - Prayer to the Saviour (Elliott)
78. Oh for a heart to praise my God! (Charles Wesley)
79. O Jesus Christus, wachs in mir (Lavater)
Oh, Jesus Christ, grow thou in me - He must increase, but I must decrease (Lavater/Smith)
80. Immer muss ich wieder lesen - Jesus in der Heiligen Schrift (Hensel)
Ever would I fain be reading - Christ our Example (Hensel/Winkworth)
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81 - 90
81. Are there no wounds for me? (Hinsdale)
82. Come, ye saints, look here and wonder (Kelly)
83. Das Grab ist leer, das Grab ist leer - Das Grab ist leer (Claudius)
The grave is empty now, – its prey - The grave is empty now (Claudius/Mills)
84. Siegesfürst und Ehrenkönig - Anbetung Jesu bei seiner Himmelfahrt (Tersteegen)
Conquering Prince and Lord of glory (Tersteegen/Winkworth)
85. Ich weiß, an wen ich glaube (Arndt)
I know in whom I put my trust - The Christian's Trust (Arndt/Winkworth)
86. My faith looks up to thee - Faith (Palmer)
87. Jesus, thy boundless love to me (Gerhardt/John Wesley)
88. The world can neither give nor take (Mason/Selina)
89. Awake, sweet harp of Judah, wake! - The Hiding-place (White)
90. Art thou weary, art thou languid - Art thou weary? (Stephen/Neale)
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91 - 100
91. Chief of sinners though I be (McComb)
92. Thou knowest, Lord, the weariness and sorrow - "O Lord, thou Knowest!" (Borthwick)
93. Jesus, I love thee evermore (Benedict)
94. Bleibt bei dem, der euretwillen - Bleibet in Jesu (Spitta)
O abide, abide in Jesus - Abide in Jesus (Spitta/Massie)
Bliv hos ham med trofast hjerte - Bliv i Jesus (Spitta/Reventlow)
Bliv hos honom! Se hans hjärta - Förbliv i mig! (Spitta/Lundberg)
Blijft bij Hem, die uit den hogen - Blijft bij Jezus! (Spitta/Riemens)
95. Wir sind des Herrn, wir leben oder sterben! - Wir sind des Herrn (Spitta)
We are the Lord's, whether we live or die - We are the Lord's (Spitta/Massie)
Din er jeg, Gud, i døden som i livet - Jeg er din (Spitta/Reventlow)
Vi äro hans i livet och i döden - Vi äro hans (Spitta/Lundberg)
Wij zijn des Heren, in leven en sterven - Wij zijn des Heren (Spitta/Kehrer)
96. Wie könnt ich sein vergessen (Kern)
Oh how could I forget him - The Remembrance (Kern/Winkworth)
97. O Heaven! Sweet Heaven! the home of the blessed (Nevin)
98. Since o'er thy footstool here below (Muhlenberg)
99. Wie wird uns sein, wenn endlich nach dem schweren - Wie wird uns sein? (Spitta)
Oh what will be the day when won at last - Things to come (Spitta/Bevan)
What shall we be, and whither shall we go - What shall we be? (Spitta/Massie)
Hvor herligt, når den hårde strid får ende - Hvor herligt! (Spitta/Reventlow)
Hur blir oss då, när Gud oss äntligt låter - Fröjdernas morgon (Spitta/Lundberg)
Hoe zal 't ons zijn, als we eindlijk, moê van 't dwalen - Hoe zal 't ons zijn! (Spitta/Kehrer)
100. Himmelan geht unsre Bahn! - Himmelan! (Schmolck)
Heavenward still our pathway tends - Heavenward still! (Schmolck/Cox)
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