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Hymns by number / Lieder nach Nummern: 1351 - 1400

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1351 - 1360
1351. Fly abroad, and tell the story (Kelly)
1352. Jacob's star is risen at last (Kelly)
1353. Christ is born, go tell the story (Kelly)
1354. Born in a stable he (Kelly)
1355. Hark! what sounds salute our ears (Kelly)
1356. Unto us a Son is given (Kelly)
1357. Seed of the woman, looked for long (Kelly)
1358. Welcome, welcome, Holy Child! (Kelly)
1359. Himself he cannot save (Kelly)
1360. Child of promise, looked for long! (Kelly)
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1361 - 1370
1361. The Lord is coming in the clouds (Kelly)
1362. The trumpet is sounding, the Lord is appearing (Kelly)
1363. Hark! 'tis the trumpet's sound (Kelly)
1364. To wait for that important day (Kelly)
1365. The trump of God is heard on high (Kelly)
1366. How blessed is he, whom God forgives (Kelly)
1367. 'Tis the Lord, I know it is (Kelly)
1368. Chief of sinners, Lord, am I (Kelly)
1369. Let sinners saved give thanks, and sing (Kelly)
1370. We praise and bless the Saviour's name (Kelly)
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1371 - 1380
1371. We'll speak of Christ (Kelly)
1372. And art thou, gracious Master, gone (Kelly)
1373. Shall I be ashamed of Jesus? (Kelly)
1374. God of hope and consolation (Kelly)
1375. Much there is to harm us (Kelly)
1376. God is for us (Kelly)
1377. Bring no money here, nor price (Kelly)
1378. Away, away! thy work is done! (Kelly)
1379. Beloved one, thy place no more (Kelly)
1380. Hark! a voice! it cries from heaven (Kelly)
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1381 - 1390
1381. Now may the Spirit from above (Kelly)
1382. We were lost, but God has found us (Kelly)
1383. Yes, Lord, thou hast the words of life (Kelly)
1384. We look for joys to come (Kelly)
1385. Away! thou dying saint, away! (Kelly)
1386. The people of the Lord (Kelly)
1387. The praise of heaven to him is due (Kelly)
1388. To him whose name is "love" (Kelly)
1389. Of sinners the chief (Kelly)
1390. Born in sin, and doomed to die (Kelly)
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1391 - 1400
1391. Neither "voice" we have, nor "vision" (Kelly)
1392. Awake, awake, O arm of God! (Kelly)
1393. Quick and powerful is the word (Kelly)
1394. Sing of grace, the grace of Jesus (Kelly)
1395. Have we known indeed, and tasted (Kelly)
1396. Loss is gain, and pain is pleasure (Kelly)
1397. What for us is more befitting (Kelly)
1398. Better two than one (Kelly)
1399. 'Tis a blessed thing to know (Kelly)
1400. When a believer yields his breath (Kelly)
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